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Get the written update for the modern installment of the absorbing TV series Channa Mereya aired on Monday, 18 July 2022 on Star Bharat. Ginni Remains Undefeatable is the moniker of the newly discovered episode number S1 E10.


On her way home, gangsters attack Ginni, but she saves herself from them. When Rajvanth stops by the Dhaba, he is stunned to learn Ginni’s true identity.


Ginni phones her mother and tells her that today was successful and that she is on her way home. She hangs up the phone and shuts her dhaba. When several thugs start following her, she starts to make her way back to her residence. She observes them and is concerned.

The thugs begin chasing after her and seizing her. Ginni pulls out a knife and yells for them to approach. They attempt to steal her bag, and as Ginni remembers, after being expelled from school, they all flee without taking any of her money. Gurleen collapses once more, and Chachi tells Supreet that things won’t be right for their nuptials to Chimas.

Then, according to Supreet, we would wed Sid in their home. Gurleen would get married there first, adds Chachi, while giving her a frown. Supreet claims that while I am thinking about the family, you are simply thinking about yourself. Chachi claims that you’re discussing your family.

Gurkirat, Sid’s mother, was the only person to help the family; when she built everything, you took over. When Darji arrives, he adds, “I received Gurleen’s reports. It’s typical. She will be fine shortly.”

Ginni asks God in the morning to grant her the right to Soniya’s contract. Chachi informs Chacha that Chimas got lost and that they are now at a dhaba as the Roka ceremony is about to begin. Amber responds, “I’ll accompany you when you go to fetch them. “We need someone to look after the visitors here,” Darji says, and he asks Darji to accompany him to get them.

Sid insists that I go out with Armaan, but Darji counters that your sister is the most important thing. OK, replies Sid, and he leaves. Arriving at Ginni’s dhaba are Chimas. She presents them with food.

They claim it’s tasty after eating it. Ginni claims that there are still those who wish to take my dhaba away. Sid and Darji get there. Darji welcomes Ginni.

What is he doing here? Sid wonders as he casts her a look. Darji says, “Sid brought me here,” and smiles at Chimas. Chimas says that we must go as soon as possible because your granddaughter and our son are sharing a room.

Chima tells Darji that the food from this female is good and has the same flavour as the food we previously consumed. If Sid brought the food from here that day, did Darji inquire of him? Sid reports that I provided lunch for everyone that day because I was on my way. Darji asks Ginni what her name is after tasting her meal.

“Ginni! ” she exclaims. In order to correct his errors, Darji reads the dhaba name “Hoshwant’s dhaba” and thinks back to Soniya’s statements. Ginni claims that he was my father, but he abandoned us.

Ginni and I co-own this dhaba, and I have a small family. I strive to cook just like my dad. Darji observes. According to Chima, Darji has a significant chain of businesses.

Ginni believes I’m fortunate to work with him. Darji wishes Ginni well and wishes her every good wish. Ginni claims that for me, this dhaba is everything. Darji responds, “I hope you receive everything you desire.” Ginni promises to make you halwa because your cuisine is so tasty. Sid glares at Ginni as he goes to wash his hands. He claims you continue to discuss family values. Ginni claims that despite having a lovely family, you are conceited.

Sid claims that no one would want to eat your dish because it is unsightly. He applies the dressing to her meal. If your heart is not pure, Ginni claims, beautifying things is useless. My mother claims that if I had declined to participate in the contest like you did, my mother would have reprimanded me.

I’m not sure why your parents didn’t say anything. Saying “enough,” Sid warns, “don’t you dare” to bring up my mother. Ginni claims that the family is our greatest asset and that if we stick together, no one can ever take us apart. Ginni goes to Darji and gives him halwa.

Sid leaves and makes a call to Armaan. He claims that Ginni values her family’s stability above all else, but I will persuade her that money has the power to destroy anything. Ginni’s cuisine is blessed by Darji. When Goldie arrives, she advises Ginni to give her a chance because she recently launched a catering business.

Take Ginni’s advice and ignore him. Darji thinks back to Soniya’s remarks and advises Sid to award Ginni the contract for Gurleen’s wedding catering. Sid suggests it since he’s reminded of Ginni’s critical remarks. What if we give you a catering contract?” Darji asks Ginni over the phone. You must prepare the food for the wedding of my granddaughter. Ginni is in awe.