Aditya’s Revenge on Ginni β€” Channa Mereya | 19 Jul | Written Update

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Check the written update for the newest sequence of the agreeable TV drama Channa Mereya promulgated on Tuesday, 19 July 2022 on Star Bharat. Aditya’s Revenge on Ginni is the label of the newly published episode number S1 E11.


Aditya is determined to harm Ginni after learning that Rajvanth has given her a catering order. Ginni confronts Aditya in front of everyone after he breaks their contract.


Darji tells Ginni that he would want to offer her his granddaughter’s wedding contract. Ginni enquires if he’s kidding. Do you accept it when Darji says “no”? “You have a large heart,” Ginni remarks, as he accepts his blessings.

I appreciate the agreement. Adi glares at Ginni before escorting Darji away. Chimas are brought to the roka event by Darji. Chachi is instructed by Supreet to simply watch Gurleen.

Armaan queries Adi as to why he let Darji award Ginni the contract. Adi claims she will follow the course I specify. I had been standing behind her dhaba up until this point, but she will now show me around. We currently have a significant contract, “Goldie informs Ginni.

I have been cordial with Adi since Goldie believes he is a Canadian. Ginni warns Gulabo that this contract is significant and that we must work hard to get it. Adi tells Chachi not to let anyone appear as a phoney mother because it is your daughter’s wedding as the roka ritual begins and Supreet attempts to bring Shagun there. Chachi gives him a smile while doing the roka ritual.

The pair are blessed by Darji. According to the wedding coordinator, we should do ADi and Farnaz’s roka only today. Amber thinks it’s a smart concept. Adi is asked to take a seat.

Chima informs Adi that he has determined to marry his sister first, and that we must respect his choice. Chima concurs. Amber is hushed by Darji, who advises her to build up her friendship with Adi before putting any pressure on him to follow his wishes. What is Adi thinking, asks Armaan?

Adi claims that her family is what gives her the most support, but if I destroy her family, she will have to sell the dhaba. In a prayer, Ginni begs her father to let her stay with him. I’m beginning a brand new life. Darji swallows his medication and declares, “I’m embarking on a new path.

” He makes a call and claims, “I gave the girl a contract and started my atonement. ” In a phone conversation to Ginni, Armaan claims, “I’m speaking from Darji’s office. ” I’ve called to inform you that your contract has been canceled. Ginni is in awe.

How can you, Goldie wonders? You individuals lack job experience and manpower, according to Armaan, thus I’m cancelling the contract. He hangs up the phone. Goldie storms out in a rage.

Stress causes Ginni to have breakdowns. The game has only begun, Adi tells Armaan. “You played this game,” Ginni adds over the phone to Adi. If you have the guts, let me try and accept the challenge; if I fail, you can cancel the deal.

“Okay,” Adi says. You have 25 minutes to prepare some meals. If you do so in a timely manner, you will be awarded the contract. Otherwise, you won’t.

Just message me the dishes, Ginni advises. She hangs up and tries to call Goldie again, but he doesn’t answer. What will Adi do with Goldie, wonders Armaan? Adi claims I am aware of his location.

See what they can do to keep the contract in place.