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Let’s enjoy the written update for the freshly published installment of the entrancing television broadcast Channa Mereya voiced on Wednesday, 20 July 2022 on Star Bharat. Ginni’s Rapid Response is the moniker of the newly discovered episode number S1 E12.


Ginni completes Aditya’s task successfully, surprising him in the process. In another scene, Aditya gets Goldie drunk and strikes a deal with him.


“I have a list of food that we need to prepare,” Ginni says to Gulabo. Gulabo asks, “How will we handle so many dishes in such a short period of time? ” Ginni remembers her father telling her to never give up and to move faster when there is not much time left. Gulabo informs Ginni that I will begin preparing food.

Pasha is informed by Goldie that I won’t be able to travel to Canada if we don’t win the contract. Adi responds to Pasha’s call by saying she will meet him soon. Goldie was informed by Pasha that Adi would be meeting him. Gulabo assists Ginni as she begins to prepare meals.

There, Adi and Armaan show up. In 20 minutes, Ginni serves all the dishes. Ginni claims that I even prepared extra dishes. After tasting her dish, Armaan raves about how good it is.

Adi observes while taking a bite. Ginni claims that I met my challenge. Adi says, “We’ll call you for the contract. When he starts to depart, Ginni grabs hold of him to prevent him from falling into the fire.

He is prompted to dismount his flying horse by Ginni. Adi goes out. Adi is approached by Goldie, who begs him not to break the agreement. According to Adi, this contract is larger than the dhaba.

“Just give us a chance,” advises Goldie. To secure this contract, Adi demands that you provide me with a guarantee from the dhaba. According to Armaan, you will pay off your debt and we will assist you in travelling to Canada. Dhaba is allegedly in Goldie’s mother’s name.

Then, according to Adi, have her sign the documents within 48 hours; we will have the Dhaba paperwork on hand until the deal is completed. How can they award the contract to a little dhaba? “cries Chachi to Chacha. Supreet arrives and claims Darji gave them the deal.

You don’t care about my daughter, according to Chachi. Supreet asserts that we must manage the household finances. Adi is informed by Goldie that the deal has been accepted. He claims that we require 30 lacs if we are to give you the dhaba.

Adi claims the transaction is complete. With these, Goldie completes the transaction. “You will receive the contract documents tomorrow,” Adi tells Ginni over the phone. Ginni is taken aback.

If they make a mistake, Adi warns Armaan, we’ll get the dhaba. They can make a mistake, according to Armaan. Adi predicts that Ginni will lose the dhaba. Supreet is told to stop trying to control everything by Chachi.

Adi shows up there. Gurkirat was unhappy in this residence since she was unable to express herself there, according to Chachi, who claims that Amber wants to maintain control over everything. Despite coming from a wealthy background, Amber severely restricted her. Adi remembered Amber cheating on Supreet.

Only God, according to Chachi, understands why Adi burned your hand. You don’t have a daughter. Amber makes Supreet do all the wrong things, and you are concerned that Adi has returned. He is the true owner of this money.

Supreet begs her to stop because if Amber finds out, she will put an end to it. Adi claims that Darji and her family, which includes my mother Gurkirat, are the only ones who have power over the residence. Darji arrives and tells them to stop. Darji informs Chachi, “You can go there and try their food. I awarded the contract to that dhaba. ” She exits after saying, “Okay, I’ll go there. ” Adi believes Chachi was correct. He tells Supreet that you caused my mother a great deal of suffering.

“Stop it,” Darji orders, and he invites Adi to follow. Goldie returns home after being intoxicated. Ginni queries why he drank. According to Goldie, I was concerned about the deal. Ginni claims that the contract is mine. She promises that we will put in a lot of effort to finish the job.