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Get the written update for the sweet section of the beguiling telecast Channa Mereya printed on Thursday, 21 July 2022 on Star Bharat. Shailaja Insults Ginni is the moniker of the recent episode number S1 E13.


When Shailaja and Marleen go to the Dhaba, they make fun of Ginni. Later, Armaan tricks Goldy into signing the documents that Aditya sent.


Adi is sitting with Darji, who tells him that while he is still young, he needs someone to look after him. Why do you constantly bring up old wounds, he asks? Supreet deserves a chance, so do so. Adi responds, “Never.

She was the reason his mother passed away. ” My mother wouldn’t have argued with him, wouldn’t have fled and ended up in an accident if she hadn’t entered Amber’s life. I can’t let all of that go. Darji embraces him.

Ginni is preparing food in the dhaba in the morning. Gurleen and Chachi get there. They find the area repulsive. There, Ginni shows up.

“You are a servant here,” Chachi recalled telling her when she saw her in the home. When Armaan arrives, she claims to be the property’s owner. Ginni claims that we all work together to manage my papa’s dhaba. According to Armaan, her daughter is getting hitched.

Ginni believes I need to win her over. She invites them to take a seat. Gurleen claims that this location is unclean. We come from high society, so you all need to dress nicely, claims Chachi.

Don’t worry at all, says Ginni; we shall be tidy and provide delectable meals. As soon as Goldie comes, Armaan pulls him away and has him sign the paperwork. When Ginni approaches Goldie and asks him to get some products from the market, Goldie is going to sign the documents. When she inquires about the papers, Armaan responds that they are for her in advance.

He gives her a three-lakh advance. Ginni expresses gratitude and joy. Chachi adjourns. Ginni enters the dining room.

Goldie is instructed by Armaan to sign the documents immediately since you risk losing the dhaba if something goes wrong with the contract. “I know,” replies Goldi. Goldie believes that Gulabo must sign the documents. Ginni expresses gratitude to God for the advance.

For the bank, Goldie says this while bringing the documents to Gulabo. As Goldie files Armaan’s documents, she begins to sign the bills. When Ginni calls, she abandons her plans to sign the documents. When Armaan calls Goldie, he asks if the paperwork has been signed.

I’m trying, according to Goldi. When Armaan visits Goldie, does he ask if the paperwork has been signed? I’m trying, according to Goldie. You are aware that if the paperwork is not signed, the contract will be lost, explains Armaan.

Chachi is picking out Gurleen’s clothes in the morning. Supreet advises you to choose your goods carefully. I know what’s best for my daughter, claims Chachi. Supreet claims that Amber is the property owner, so I’ll make the choice.

Ginni shows up there. She is ready to fall when Adi bumps into her, but Adi stops her. Her papers tumble out. Ginni deems you a troublemaker.

He receives a food list from Ginni. She receives the requested list from Adi. Ginni claims that these are foreign dishes; you should also include Indian food. Adi replies, just do what you want; this is the conclusion.

Ginni claims that since I have to work hard, I ought to have a say. She is dragged outside by Adi, who then tells her to get in the car. Your tyre has a puncture, “Ginni explains. Come with me; I’ll buy the vegetables since I don’t trust you, says Adi.

Darji trusts me, Ginni says, so I won’t pay attention to you. You don’t have experience, Adi says; follow me. He invites her to have a seat while he reclines his bike. I won’t, Ginni says. Why not, asks Adi? Ginni says to get on my bike if you want to leave. Never, he asserts. Adi notices a puncture on his own bike. Ginni says that we must now use my bike.