Rajvanth Visits Ginni β€” Channa Mereya | 22 Jul | Written Update

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Check the written update for the just-out webisode of the refreshing telecast Channa Mereya aired on Friday, 22 July 2022 on Star Bharat. Rajvanth Visits Ginni is the moniker of the ultra-modern episode number S1 E14.


Ginni goes shopping with Aditya at the market for the upcoming occasion. Later, Ginni receives a wedding invitation from Rajvanth, and she is touched by his thoughtfulness.


Adi is seated behind Ginni while she operates her scooter. He directs her and assures her that he is a careful driver. She is taken to a vegetable market by Adi. He begins to buy vegetables.

Ginni accuses you of making pointless purchases. You wouldn’t know, but according to Adi, this is celery. He purchases vegetables for Chinese food and claims that you are unable to prepare it. He inquires as to the seller’s freshness of the vegetables.

Ginni demonstrates how to check and tells him that you cannot even tell how to determine whether anything is fresh. Adi claims that since I am a client, I will complete everything. I will discuss the final menu items with Darji, according to Ginni. Adi claims he has no time for you.

Adi stops Ginni from falling as she is ready to trip. They have eye contact. Ginni makes a U-turn. When Adi receives a call, she replies, “I’m coming.” He hung up the phone and grinned at Ginni. Ginni returns Adi to his house. She begins to walk away, but Adi stops her since Goldie is approaching. He gives Armaan the hint, and before Ginni could see, he takes Goldie away.

Ginni adjourns. Goldie presents the papers and claims to have obtained Gulabo’s signature. The rewind demonstrates how he tricked Gulabo into signing it. Goldie is thanked by Adi before he departs.

Adi claims that all we have to do now is wait for them to make a mistake. But that girl is too self-assured, adds Armaan. When Ginni returns home, Gulabo informs her that vendors are requesting an advance. I only worry that since this contract exceeds our criteria, we shouldn’t accept it.

Ginni says I’ll take on this contract without a doubt. Gulabo warns Ginni that if we can’t obtain the money from the deal, we’ll be in trouble because we have a lot of vendors to pay. Ginni claims that we need to consider this contract. Darji shows up as Ginni is about to check some paperwork.

Ginni invites him inside. He emotionally blesses her and says You are our visitor, Ginni adds, and my dad told us to always feed our guests. Ginni delivers food to him. Darji finishes her meal and gushes about how good it is.

I wish I had my father’s recipes, adds Ginni. Darji claims that you adore your father dearly. He had Alzheimer’s, according to Ginni, so I had to care for him a lot. She apologizes for being too emotional.

According to Goldie, you can take Ginni’s test whenever you like. Darji claims that because I can spot nice individuals and I’ve come here for other purposes, I don’t need to test Ginni. I wanted to properly invite each of you to the wedding. Ginni appreciates seeing that.