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Check out the written update for the sweet episode of the inviting television broadcast Channa Mereya ventilated on Monday, 25 July 2022 on Star Bharat. Ginni Is Accused is the tag of the ultra-modern episode number S1 E15.


Gurleen falls and becomes unconscious, but Ginni saves her. Later, when Shailaja tries to conceal the fact by accusing her of taking Gurleen’s jewelry, she erupts.


Gulabo is delighted and expresses her gratitude to Darji for inviting them to the wedding. Ginni answers a call and then departs. Gulabo thanks Darji for awarding Ginni the contract. She claims that since her father departed, my Ginni has worked hard to provide for everyone and run this dhaba.

Her friends are all married, but she is still caring for her family. Everything will be alright, according to Darji. He then departs from it. While doing household chores, Ginni is ready to see Goldie’s documents but refrains.

She picks up the file there. Ginni is at Darji’s place in the morning getting ready for the meal. Chachi reprimands her and threatens to punish her if she makes another mistake. Ginni asks a young boy named Akash if he can let Adi know that the food staff is on the way.

I won’t speak to him since, according to Akash, he is a monster. Ginni approaches Goldie and requests that he handle the costs. Ginni starts to cook and snaps a photo to share with Adi. He calls her on video while without a shirt and asks, “What is all this?” Be cautious when choosing your clothing. Ginni declares that I do not attend your classes. She tells Adi to halt her work so he may go there. Ginni hangs up the phone.

Gurleen is getting ready for the event; Chachi advises making her seem fantastic because she has bags under her eyes. Chachi sends the cosmetics artist to leave because Gurleen is tense. She is urged not to faint by Chachi. Gurleen claims that I’m trying.

Adi approaches Ginni and gives her a snarl. He begins assisting with plating. For ingredients, he asks. While assisting Ginni in the kitchen, he holds her hand.

Due to proximity, Ginni is conscious yet continues to cook. She watches Adi dress a plate. Ginni observes. She is asked by Adi to compare his and her dishes.

Your food may appear lovely, but Ginni claims that mine contains love. Adi claims that because dishes are prepared to make an impact, yours has to resemble mine. Adi is questioned by Armaan about his stress. “What am I doing in this house?” asks Adi. These people have no interest in me. Gurleen arrives and asks whether we may add the items that aren’t your specialty because I checked the menu. How do you know, asks Adi?

Gurleen claims that I used to watch your show and am familiar with your specialties; may we include those? Adi confirms; Gurleen departs. Adi beams. I was letting you know that you are appreciated here, according to Armaan.

Gurleen is preparing. While walking down the corridor, she passes out. Ginni goes to her after spotting her fainting. Chachi rushes to her and believes no one will learn anything about her.

Adi often visits there. Gurleen awakens when Chachi pushes Ginni away and offers her some medicine. Adi queries what transpired. The girl who is currently holding Gurleen’s earrings, according to Chachi, was about to take them.

Ginni claims that she was about to pass out when I saved her. There, Darji shows up. Ginni hears Chachi warn her to be quiet or she’ll throw her in jail. Darji inquires as Ginni sobs in silence: “What happened?” Chachi remains silent and commands the woman to leave and complete her duties. Ginni is taken aback to see Adi’s support, who tells Chachi to calm down and that she is a caterer, not a servant.