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Read the written update for today’s scene of the interesting TV serial Channa Mereya delivered on Tuesday, 26 July 2022 on Star Bharat. Aditya, Ginni’s Dispute is the moniker of the modern episode number S1 E16.


When Ginni finds out that Goldie has mortgaged the Dhaba to Aditya, she becomes enraged. Later, Ginni confronts Aditya, and the two engage in an argument over the future of the Dhaba.


The event is ongoing. Supreet informs Darji that Amber will arrive shortly, and once he arrives, we can begin the shagun ceremony. According to Chachi, Amber can arrive whenever he likes, but we need to wait for Chimas to be here before we can begin the ceremony. Supreet claims I told Chimas to arrive a little later so Amber could join us all.

Chachi observes. When Adi arrives, she declares, “I have checked on the caterer as well. ” Ginni is asked to sign documents that Gulabo has brought to her. It’s her dhaba contract, Ginni discovers after reading the paperwork.

She quotes Adi and claims that the Dhaba was listed as a debt in the contract. When Adi arrives, he instructs Ginni to begin making the food. Ginni is in disbelief. She yells for everyone to go.

“What have you done? ” Ginni glares at Adi. You’re very rude! She displays the contract to him.

Adi advises you to ask your brother if this is your family’s guiding principle. You spoke highly of your family, but your brother forced your mother to sign these documents without even letting her know. It was sold for a profit, right? He was scolded by Ginni for trying to defraud her family.

I’m aware that you want to steal this dhaba from us, but you can’t succeed since I gave up. Adi claps as she begins to walk away, warning her that if she continues, she will lose the contract because your mother has already signed it. Ginni asserts that is not possible. According to Adi, you can leave and this dhaba will be mine.

Ginni claims that my father did not instruct me to flee in order to avoid conflict. You won’t be awarded this contract, I promise. From then on, Adi departs. When Amber gets home, she tells Darji, I need to speak with you about something crucial.

Darji follows suit. Why didn’t he let the girl go, asks Armaan of Adi? You would have won the contract if she had left today. How could you do this?

“Ginni asks as she confronts Goldie. Gulabo queries what transpired. According to Ginni, he made you sign a contract that threatens to cause us to lose the dhaba if we don’t fulfil our obligations. Goldie claims that I did it because we wouldn’t have gotten the contract without it.

Why did you listen to Adi and have Gulabo sign this contract since Ginni claims the contract was presented by Darji? Goldie claims that if I hadn’t been in debt, I would not have been able to do anything to obtain this deal. Since it is a significant transaction, we must provide a guarantee. Ginni asserts that he will do anything to obtain this dhaba.

Why, asks Goldie, would he ruin the wedding of his sister? Ginni claims to not give a damn about his family. Ginni asserts that this Dhaba is who we are. We need money to survive, according to Goldi, and Adi is correctβ€”I also need money.

The most important thing is money. Ginni claims that you require cash. She rips the paper in half and declares, “We will fulfil this promise, but we won’t allow anyone to enter our dhaba. ” Adi explains to Armaan that there are other factors involved as well, including Gurleen’s marriage.

Because Chimas enjoy Ginni’s cooking, I just want this marriage to go smoothly. And you don’t give a damn about the family, says Armaan? interesting. Adi claims I don’t care about the family, but I don’t want to let Darji down since, after my mother, he is everything to me.

I can make Ginni make that error whenever I want because it only involves one. She is unaware that her teammates are on my side of the field. Amber hands Darji the data and informs him that all of our choices over the previous three years have resulted in losses. I’m not to blame.

We must negotiate a marriage with Chimas. Darji claims that you ought to have worked honestly because your suggestions caused these hotels to lose money. They were profitable companies, but you have ruined them. I’ve dedicated my entire life to this company, and now I have to witness this.

Adi arrives and asks, “Who would visit the motels when the rates are so high? ” Amber claims that you lack information and will impart it to me. Darji advises that we consider his viewpoints. Adi claims that I have come here for Darji because I am aware of how crucial this business is to him.

He informs Darji that because our costs are so expensive, nobody would visit. Only the pricing has altered; otherwise, our menu items and ingredients have remained constant. Adi is correct, adds Darji, it’s his advanced age. He currently appears to be in good shape, according to Amber.

He is trying to establish himself here after losing out to rivals abroad. I am aware that he intends to ruin this family. He didn’t deserve to be here, so I was correct to kick him out of the house when he was a kid. Don’t forget that you are his father, warns Darji. Adi responds that he must first become a human.