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Enjoy the written update for the brand-new installment of the gripping TV series Channa Mereya voiced on Wednesday, 27 July 2022 on Star Bharat. Aditya’s New Responsibility is the moniker of the all-new episode number S1 E17.


When Rajvanth begs Aditya to take over their firm, Ambar and Aditya get into an argument. In another scene, Armaan makes Goldie intoxicated, which leads to his collision with Mrs. Cheema.


Adi tells Amber, “You must become a human before becoming my father. ” Amber yells at him that he is such a jerk. Darji encourages them to stop fighting and advises Amber that we should pass on responsibility to the next generation at the appropriate time. I did it for you, so you should do it for your child, he says.

You should acknowledge that your time is up and give it all to Adi. Amber queries whether or not he provided everything because of his abilities. This Adi is like his mother; he doesn’t even deserve to be my servant. Don’t talk about my mother any more, Adi commands.

Supreet often visits there. Adi tugs at his collar as Amber tells him, “Never bring up my mother,” but Darji tells him to stop. He then transports Adi. Amber is furious.

While Ginni is preparing dinner, Gulabo reassures her that nothing will go wrong. Ginni claims that Goldie is being blinded and that Adi is trying to frame us from every angle. We just need to work hard, “according to Gulabo. Adi informs Darji that they are her family.”You are my family,” Adi claims. Darji claims that our firm is failing, so I need your assistance. Adi claims I have alternative plans. Darji claims that since my younger generation must handle the business, your mother also desired this for you to succeed.

You have a strong enthusiasm for the hospitality sector, and I have no doubt that you’ll realise your mother’s wish. Adi observes. Gurleen and her fiancΓ© exchange rings as the engagement ceremony officially begins. I’m very happy, says Chachi.

Adi enters the pub and orders a drink. He receives food from Ginni, who tells him, “Your parents are sweet, so why are you so bitter? ” Thereafter, she departs. Adi observes.

Amber informs Supreet that in order to convince Darji that I still possess everything, I must finalise the agreement with Chimas. Adi is approached by Darji, who tells him: “I understand your rage; I just want to see you happy. ” With him, he drinks. The entire family begins to dance.

Adi glares at Amber and Supreet as they dance. Chachi and Chacha also dance. Adi is invited to dance with them by Manveen, but he declines. Ginni begins dancing with her sister while she is positioned in a corner.

When Pasha and Armaan encounter Goldie at the event, they get him drunk. Adi observes it. Adi’s eyes are splashed with champagne when Amber opens the bottle. From there, he tries to leave but runs into Ginni.

They have eye contact. Chachi notices this. From then on, Adi departs. When Chachi draws her away, she queries, “What were you doing?” Were you attempting to catch our son? Ginni argues that she is completely blameless. Manveen is struck by drunken Goldie. Supreet asks, “Who are you, and how dare you?” She strikes him firmly. She commands her security staff to expel him. She apologises to Chimas. Gulabo and Ginni run to help Goldie.

This man is useless, according to a woman, and these people are cheap. Chima is about to strike him when Ginni stops him and apologises for his actions. Goldie apologizes. He apologises to Chima and responds with, “I won’t spare this intoxicated man,” as Amber says enough.

How could you be like this? Go get lost from here, and I’ll teach this man a lesson, he yells at Goldie. Adi stops him from striking Goldie just in time.