Goldie Seeks Forgiveness β€” Channa Mereya | 28 Jul | Written Update

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Enjoy the written update for the most recent sequence of the grateful TV series Channa Mereya aired on Thursday, 28 July 2022 on Star Bharat. Goldie Seeks Forgiveness is the moniker of the newly published episode number S1 E18.


Goldie receives a lecture from his mother for the embarrassment he caused to his family. Later, he asks Ginni for her forgiveness so that he can grow.


Adi stops Amber from slapping Goldie and says it’s about Darji’s honour because he selected them. He leaves after Amber declares, “I don’t want this man in the house again. ” Darji apologises to Chimas. Adi claims that going forward, nothing will go wrong.

He picks up a drunk Goldie from there. Ginni apologises to Adi and informs him that Goldie is her duty after that. Adi is informed by Armaan that they made a mistake and wanted Adi observes. Goldie is intoxicated and asleep.

He is abruptly roused by a harsh slap from Gulabo. She asks: Why are you unable to comprehend what you accomplished today? For us, you ruined everything. Goldie stumbles and approaches Ginni, apologising for the incident that occurred today.

I only want to please my family, yet I am an ineffective man. Ginni made an effort to avoid him. Goldie advises you to either beat me or toss me out of the house. Ginni claims that I am pardoning you because you admitted your error.

We are all with you, but before God can help you, you must first help yourself. I’ll do as you say, Goldie promises. Adi, according to Ginni, is waiting for us to make a mistake. We must exercise caution.

Goldie claims that if he hadn’t stopped his father, we would have been insulted today. Ginni observes. Ginni approaches Gulabo and begs her not to cry because Goldie’s wife left him, and she is aware of how much he cherished Simran. Gulabo claims that the girl left him and moved to Canada; she never inquired about Goldie, but he is ruining his life for her.

Ginni claims that all I want is for him to get back together with Simran since he is miserable without her. Gulabo claims I merely want him to be content. Adi is getting ready in the morning. Goldie made a mistake, therefore we can cancel the contract and seize their dhaba, Armaan teasingly tells him.

Adi responds, “Not right now,” and he then walks away. Armaan is uncertain. Gulabo is cooking and furious. When Ginni arrives, she tells Goldie to put her thoughts about what happened aside.

Gulabo claims that he is currently unable to even enter that area. Ginni says he will take care of business at the Dhaba; we must now function as a unit. She promises her family that we won’t make even the slightest error. Ginni asks Guruji to grant her the ability to perform this contract accurately.

There is now a mehndi ceremony. Supreet snatches the mehndi away from Chachi and tells her that her mother will begin the ceremonies first. When Amber arrives, she announces that I will be Gurleen’s uncle. Chacha stops Chachi from venting her anger.

Chachi claims that he is merely acting. When Gulabo arrives, he envisions Ginni and Gurleen marrying. Where is our lovely man, Bua inquires? To perform the rite, Adi travels there.

Amber declares, “I want Gurleen to be blessed by my gorgeous bride. ” Adi claims that because my mother loved daughters, the rites could not be done without her approval. Gurkirat would bless her, he says, while displaying a picture of her. Chachi claims to have cherished Gurleen. Amber gives him a glare. Gurleen accepts Adi’s gift of his mother’s bangles and says thank you.