Ginni Faces Humiliation β€” Channa Mereya | 29 Jul | Written Update

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Get the written update for the freshest episode of the delightful TV drama Channa Mereya ventilated on Friday, 29 July 2022 on Star Bharat. Ginni Faces Humiliation is the subtitle of the revolutionary episode number S1 E19.


Ginni keeps her composure and completes the program successfully. Ginni discovers Gulin in trouble, and Mrs. Chimmi humiliates Ginni and her family.


Adi is instructed to bless his sister by Chacha. Adi bows. Adi’s napkin was taken by Akash, who grinned. Gurleen is dizzy, but Chachi manages to hold her.

Adi receives a napkin from someone. Akash believes that this beast will now be taught a lesson. Ginni is approached by Adi, who warns her to pay attention to her work or else she risks losing her Dhaba. He uses a napkin with mehndi on it to wipe his face.

Upon seeing his face, Ginni chuckles. When Adi sees it, she uses her dupatta to wipe his face. He then departs from it. When Ginni notices mehndi on her dupatta, she is shocked.

She claims that he is rude. Gurleen is concerned when Ginni arrives with lemonade. Why don’t you appear cheerful, she queries? Gurleen asks what would happen if your mother requested you to keep anything from your husband when you were getting married.

Ginni claims that lying cannot be a foundation for a relationship, thus I would have been completely honest with my prospective husband. Gurleen observes. Chachi arrives and reprimands Ginni there. As the wedding ceremony begins, Chimas show up at the location.

The family of Darji accepts them. Food is being served by Ginni’s sister, who enjoys Manveen’s jewelry. Chachi reprimands her. Adi accepts Ginni’s offer of juice, but he accidentally knocks into her.

She is cautioned by him. Let’s start the wedding ceremony, says Guruji. When Gurleen arrives, everyone welcomes her. The ceremony has begun.

Ginni assists Adi as she transports Gurleen to her car after she becomes lightheaded. Adi tasked Ginni with providing food for every visitor. He departs. As Ginni washes her face with the dupatta, Adi’s mehndi accidentally lands on her skin.

The monster’s mehndi, according to Akash, is now on your face. Ginni observes. When Gurleen performs the Chura ceremony, Ginni is unintentionally hit. She accepts it and thinks back to Chachi’s warning not to make any blunders.

Ginni asks for everything to go smoothly. Ginni’s brother invites his buddies to the wedding and demands payment for their admission. Ginni’s sister discovers Manveen’s gold bracelet on a tray and tries to return it to Ginni, but Chachi grabs her and slaps her. She claims you attempted to steal it.

You, morally bankrupt individuals, are cheap. Ginni rushes to assure her sister that they are not thieves. I actually saw it, according to Chachi. Gurleen begs her mum to take a deep breath.

Shampi, the brother of Ginni, is accompanied there by a man who claims to be bringing his buddies for dinner after robbing them of their money. He displays his cash to them. All are silent. I warned you that this family is full of thieves, “adds Chachi.

She strikes Ginni firmly. Adi is speechless.