Ginni’s Money Matters β€” Channa Mereya | 30 Jul | Written Update

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Let’s enjoy the written update for the groovy installment of the inspiring television broadcast Channa Mereya pronounced on Saturday, 30 July 2022 on Star Bharat. Ginni’s Money Matters is the moniker of the just released episode number S1 E20.


When Ginni is made to pay back the debt, she becomes concerned. When Mrs. Chimmi later refuses to pay her the agreed-upon amount, she has a mental breakdown.


Chima receives the gifts from Amber. I considered making Gurleen and Harpreet our business partners when Darji informed Chimas that they were beginning a new chapter in their lives. Why not, says Chima, give us a suggestion? Amber embraces him.

Due to her siblings’ theft, Chachi causes a disturbance at the party and slaps Ginni. We granted you a contract, but you folks are cheap, “she claims. Your siblings are criminals, and you attempted to have a relationship with our son (Adi). We’re all shocked.

Chachi claims that she didn’t have a decent childhood and is unaware of their father’s personality. Don’t talk about their father in that way anymore, Adi commands. He must have made a mistake since he is a child. The siblings of Ginni express their gratitude.

Adi tells Gulabo, “I’m sorry about this and I ask that you leave. “Please don’t cry. ” Everyone departs. Ginni thanks Adi in silence before leaving.

Ginni reprimands her brother, telling him, “I warned you all not to make a mistake. ” I shouldn’t have had any expectations of you folks. Goldie queries what transpired. The dhaba has vendors inside.

We want our payment, “he claims. Gulabo tenses up. Don’t worry, Ginni says; we’ll take care of your payments. The suppliers claim that we have increased our payment since Goldie requested additional material.

Ginni declares in disbelief that she is unable to pay the sum at this time. She is under threat from the vendors who demand payment or else they won’t spare them. Goldie claims that the contractor has not yet paid us. The seller threatens to destroy your dhaba if the payment is not made.

Ginni assures me that I will get paid. Thereafter, she departs. Armaan is informed by Adi that he has already made plans to obtain the dhaba. When Ginni enters, she declares, “I came here to get the payment.”

Adi comments that despite your siblings’ faults, you still have the bravery to return here. I know you were behind all of that, Ginni says, so why are you behind our dhaba? According to Adi, nobody can stop me from buying the dhaba from you. Even though this arrangement is illegal, I wanted to demonstrate to you how easily families can be purchased with money.

Without the use of a formal contract, I have established that. I’ll never sell my dhaba to you, according to Ginni. When Ginni enters the home, she inquires about the balance of her money. “We won’t pay you anything,” according to Chachi.

You should be grateful to us for even awarding you a contract. Get lost after this. I’ve worked hard, Ginni says, so pay me. Chachi claims that I won’t pay you because you folks have made so many mistakes.

Despite Ginni’s pleading, Chachi departs. Adi is a monster for doing all of this, claims a furious Ginni. Thereafter, she departs. Darji wonders what happened to her as he observes her departing. Ginni is returning home on foot. She visits the gurdwara and asks God to show her the way. I’m losing and breaking inside. She adds, “Please do something for me.