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Let’s enjoy the written update for the cool webisode of the fascinating television broadcast Channa Mereya printed on Monday, 01 August 2022 on Star Bharat. Ginni Gets Attacked is the label of the present day’s episode number S1 E21.


Armaan sends thugs to vandalize Ginni’s Dhaba in order to fulfill Aditya’s desires. When Aditya notices this, he races to the Dhaba in order to save Ginni and her family.


When Ginni returns to the dhaba, every vendor yells at her to return their payments. The money couldn’t be arranged, Ginni says, but please give me some time. The sellers claim that if you wait until tomorrow morning, we won’t spare you. Everyone departs.

Ginni informs Goldie that Adi fabricated phoney contract documents. Adi is questioned by Armaan about why she told Ginni about the fake contract. Even so, do you want that dhaba? Adi claims that she wants Ginni to realise that her family is not as strong as she believed and that she was mistaken.

If you want the dhaba, Armaan advises concentrating solely on that. Darji arrives and thanks Adi for handling every aspect of the wedding. I need another favour from you, according to Darji. You should take over the company, please. Gulabo informs Ginni that we made mistakes, and Adi won’t pay us. My sons are useless, Gulabo yells. Shatty claims I made no major errors, but you people keep yelling at me. Goldie picks him up after that.

Gulabo sobs to Ginni, “Ginni cannot continue to foot the bill for your brother’s errors. My family is all together, according to Ginni, so I don’t need anything else. When her sister Dimpy arrives, she promises to find a solution. Gulabo begs Adi to refrain from pressuring them to sell the dhaba.

Adi informs Darji that I am unable to take over the company. As per Darji, you are my heir. When Amber arrives, she declares that if he takes over the company, we will lose everything and that he is a loser. Darji yells at him to get out. Adi is instructed to report to the office as of tomorrow. He departs. Adi is upset and claims he called me a loser, but I’ll prove it to him. That dhaba must be ready by tomorrow.

Armaan believes that I must take some action to obtain the dhaba. When some thugs arrive at the dhaba, they begin destroying items. Their boss tells Armaan over the phone that the mission has begun. They start destroying the Dhaba’s belongings. When Ginni tries to stop them, they ignore her. Adi is informed by Armaan that you will receive the dhaba by tomorrow. How, wonders Adi? Armaan claims that while I had an idea, you were more concerned with displacing Ginni.

He plays him the video of the thugs vandalising the dhaba. Infuriated, Adi queries whether he is insane. He then departs from that. Armaan is uncertain. Akash informs Darji that Gurleen is missing me. Darji engages him in play. Darji is informed by Akash that Adi is a monster for making Ginni cry. On the phone with his manager, Darji inquires about the dhaba payment.

When Darji visits Chachi, he inquires as to why she failed to pay the dhaba staff. Chachi claims that they made a lot of mistakes. According to Darji, they completed their work for a fee. Says Chachi, “Don’t be angry.” Darji advises not repeating this behaviour because she must have been waiting for payment. He departs. Everything is being damaged by the thugs. Ginni works to halt them. Adi intervenes and holds his knife as a thug prepares to stab her. Ginni is safe despite the bleeding on his hand. Adi begins fighting the thugs.