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Enjoy the written update for the newest sequence of the magnificent TV series Channa Mereya introduced on Wednesday, 03 August 2022 on Star Bharat. Rajvanth Reveals a Secret is the label of the popular episode number S1 E23.


Goldie challenges Aditya to a fight in the ring for Ginni’s honour, and she is in a vindictive mood. Aditya learns from Rajvanth that he knew Khuswant and the motivation behind his decision to open the Dhaba.


With a glare on his face, Adi shoves Amber away. He then departs from that. Darji feels anxious. As he enters his room, Adi is furious.

Amber yells at Akash after he accidentally hits her with his skateboard, then she walks away. Adi exits after observing that. Ginni, who is by herself, thinks back to the incident involving Goldie and her siblings being expelled from school. Gulabo appears and advises you to reconsider your choice.

You should have taken Darji’s offer into consideration because if you sell this, you will lose your father’s final memory. Then, Ginni claims, we would have forfeited our honour; I must sell this in order to repay a loan. When Dimpy arrives, he inquires about Goldie. Gulabo claims that he must be out there, doing something pointless.

Adi arrives at the secret ring. When Goldie arrives, she declares, “I am here to challenge Aditya. ” Adi is informed by him that Ginni was right, that she is a wolf, and that he will exact revenge on her. Adi doesn’t respond in any way, so he begins beating him.

Ginni is selling the bracelet that her father gave her as a gift. It is severed from the seller’s arm and taken. Ginni sobs as she is hurt. Gulabo bemoans her presence.

When Dimpy arrives, he says, “Goldie is missing, and I’m worried. ” While beating, Goldie is inebriated. Pushing him, Adi tells him, “I didn’t hit you because I respect you. ” The match is won by Adi.

Ginni and Gulabo are searching the streets for Goldie. He is drunk when Adi brings him there. What did you do with him, Ginni asks? Adi claims he came here so we could fight.

Goldie is taken by Dimpy. I have nothing against Goldie, according to Adi. Ginni confirms that you do have a grudge against me. Adi saves her after her dupatta catches fire.

You fight with us and then come to save us, says Ginni, so I don’t know what’s going through your head. You insulted us, but I’ll make amends for it. She hands him a gold lucky charm and says, “Our contract is over; I hope we don’t cross paths again. ” Thereafter, she departs.

Adi observes her before departing. Adi believes the game has just begun as he examines Ginni’s good luck coin. A girl sends him a message expressing her desire to meet him and how much she misses him. Darji arrives there with his mother’s drawing.

They both re-tape it. Adi’s hand has blood on it, so Darji hands him the boxing gloves and tells him not to hurt himself. He says that just as Ginni’s father’s dream is important to her, so is your mother’s dream to you. I can say that because I knew Khushwant Singh, her father, and I know that the dhaba was his way of life.

How can Ginni sell you her life when you can offer to buy that dhaba? She is a decent person who is attempting to realise her father’s dream. I attempted to pay her for her contract, but she refused, saying that payment should only be made in a loving and respectful manner. She turned down the payment.

I am aware that you battle with yourself, but Ginni battles with the world, and we shouldn’t add to her woes. She must have borrowed a lot, and those suppliers must now be behind her. Although I won’t force you to work for the company, I am confident that you will help it grow. He departs with the check.

Adi examines his mother’s drawing before turning to the check. When Goldie awakens in the morning, she yells at Gulabo, “Where is my picture? ” Gulabo claims that the reason I removed it was because Simran was being questioned. He pushes Ginni away when she tries to comfort him, and Gulabo slaps him as a result.