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Let’s enjoy the written update for the freshly released chapter of the engrossing television show Channa Mereya ventilated on Thursday, 04 August 2022 on Star Bharat. Aditya Makes the Payment is the subtitle of the today’s episode number S1 E24.


Ambar informs the audience that the Chimmas are en route to talk about the alliance between Aditya and Harnaz. Aditya visits Ginni’s house in the meantime to make the catering payment.


Goldie receives a slap from Gulabo, who tells him: “Your wife is not coming back. You can fight with us all you want, but stop causing issues for us. ” I’ll make sure you never think about your wife again. She tries to burn her pictures.

Goldie tries to keep them, but his hands end up burning. Ginni holds him up. Goldie claims that you people have driven me insane, but I am confident that my Simran will return to me. Ginni affirms that she will.

Ginni requests that Dimpy treat his wound. Amber approves of Supreet’s jewellery selection. Chachi arrives and inquires as to what is going on. “Let’s call everyone,” Amber says.

Adi is about to leave. He ignores Amber’s attempts to stop him. Amber informs him that Chimas will be there tonight to help you and Farnaz work out your marital problems. He is shown the jewellery.

Adi accepts Supreet’s congratulations, but he pulls away. Adi claims that people in the household make fun of marriages, but I won’t because I don’t think marriage is a good thing. Amber asserts that this marriage will take place no matter what, and you will do as I say. I understand that you’re trying to save your company, but Adi says good luck because I don’t need it.

He departs. A dhaba is being cleaned by Ginni. When Adi arrives, Ginni accidentally uses a hose to wet him. He says to stop.

What are you doing here, Ginni asks? I’m here to give you the check, “Adi” claims. Ginni claims we do not require it. Adi claims that even though people work for money, they are egotistical and have crossed the line into low self-respect.

Just to give you the check, I’m here. Ginni claims that I only need my payment and don’t need charity. You have already paid three lacs toward the deal’s 25 lacs. According to Adi, this check is for 22 lacs, but since I promised 5 lacs to Goldie, I will give him that money separately.

Your trick, according to Ginni, is not commitment. Adi hands Dimpy the check when she arrives. Adi informs Gulabo. You should get your kids married because I know they cause problems constantly.

When Ginni asked him to leave, Adi caught her as she was about to fall. They have their eyes locked. Ginni makes a U-turn. From there, Adi departs.

Adi queries whether he spoke to Sam. No, Armaan replies, I have no idea where she is. “Why did she call me so suddenly? ” asks Adi. A new girl shows up at Adi’s home. She sprints to Adi’s room and gives him a bear hug. I love you. I miss you so much, she says.

Adi pushes her away and tells her not to say anything. “We’ve only met a couple of times. ” I gave you my word without conditions. Sam says you are correct, but I really missed you.

Goldie is visited by Ginni, who requests that he get up. He is shown a gift by her. The woman in the portrait is the same one who is meeting Adi as Sam and is his wife, Simran. Goldie exclaims with joy, “I’m sure Simran is here,” and he then turns and walks away. “I made myself clear, Sam,” says Adi. Why did you come here? Sam declares his love for you. Adi turns to look at the entire family.

Sam welcomes everyone and presents Darji with a present. She claims that I am Adi’s Canadian girlfriend. Adi claims that she is only a friend. I am Sam’s girlfriend because Sam says yes, and I am a girl. She advises me to look for a reputable hotel. Darji says you can stay here because you are Adi’s friend.