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Check out the written update for the sweet episode of the spellbinding television broadcast Channa Mereya produced on Saturday, 06 August 2022 on Star Bharat. Sam in Trouble is the label of the freshly released episode number S1 E26.


When Aditya discovers Sam’s scheme to influence his family, trouble ensues. When Ginni recognises her at the cafe, she becomes concerned.


Ginni and Adi collide, and Adi’s shirt button becomes stuck with Ginni’s locket. What are you doing here, he asks? Ginni claims I believed there was a fire here. Adi was making ice cream when Sharja arrived and said, “I know why you ran here, but I know you’re trying to lure Adi.” Don’t try anything because he is here with his Canadian friend. Don’t associate my name with girls, Adi says. Sharja claims I was referring to Sam. Ginni rejects her when she is brought to Same.

Sam continues to avoid Sam. From there, Ginni departs without noticing her. Sam wonders how Ginni came to know Adi. From there, Adi transports Sam.

Adi queries Sam about her intentions. “I won’t marry you,” he says, and it’s obvious why. She was asked to return. Sam advises him to simply consider it.

Adi says, “Let’s meet in a cafe. I don’t want to talk to you here. He then departs from that. In the dhaba, Ginni and Goldie are employed.

Ginni advises that we go to the cafe so that the order can be taken. I’m just waiting for Simran, according to Goldie. He is asked to visit the market by Ginni. Arriving at the market is Ginni.

She makes her way to the gurdwara. When Darji arrives, Ginni gives him parsad. He is told by the priest that she makes parsad just like her father and that she is a great help to me. Ginni then moves on. Sam and Adi enter the cafe. Adi queries Sam about her desires. Don’t talk to me like that, Sam commands. When Ginni gets there, the cafe.

Sam requests that Adi bring lemonade for her because she’s not feeling well. Adi heads out to get it. Sam hides when Ginni comes into the cafe because she wonders, “What is Ginni doing here? ” She is blind to me. Ginni runs into Sam as she tries to leave. Ginni is surprised, but Sam flees the area. Ginni: “Simran,” She tries to follow Sam, but Sam has vanished. There, Ginni notices Adi.

Sam has left the cafe when Adi ignores her and enters again. There, Ginni shows up. Why do you keep bumping into me? “Adi asks.” Ginni asks him if he saw Simran after showing him her picture. She changed her appearance to the point where Adi could not recognise her. I don’t know her, Adi replies, and then she walks out. Ginni questions why Simran, Goldie’s wife, is hiding from us if she is in the city.

Darji calls Ginni and requests that she prepare parsad because we are holding a pooja. Sure, says Ginni. When they first meet, Adi asks Sam where she went. Sam believes Ginni is unable to see me.

When Darji calls Adi, he informs him that there will be a pooja tomorrow and asks him to clear his schedule. Sam claims I won’t be liberated. Adi is asked by Darji to bring along a friend. Sam is told by Adi to attend the pooja tomorrow.

Ginni returns home and questions whether Goldie is correct. Was the Simran I met today really Simran? I’m not certain. Gulabo arrives and inquires as to what it is. Ginni claims that Darji called and requested that I prepare a parsad for tomorrow. Gulabo advises not to stress over it. She forces her to eat. How can I locate Simran, wonders Ginni?

Everyone in the family is getting ready for the pooja in the morning. Adi visits the pooja area and offers prayers. He prays alongside Sam. Supreet is advised to contact Sam if she needs assistance. Adi says I must speak with you. From there, he transports Simran. There, Ginni and Goldie arrived. Sam is seen leaving when Goldie looks on.