Sam’s Ultimatum to Aditya β€” Channa Mereya | 08 Aug | Written Update

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Let’s enjoy the written update for the recent scene of the great television broadcast Channa Mereya provided on Monday, 08 August 2022 on Star Bharat. Sam’s Ultimatum to Aditya is the moniker of the different episode number S1 E27.


Aditya is required to marry her, according to Sam, because she is carrying his child. Sam notices Ginni in the home as Aditya mulls over his next move.


Ginni and Goldie arrive at Darji’s home. Darji welcomes Ginni and advises him to start getting ready for Parsad. Adi takes Sam to his room, where he requests that she leave. Sam insists that we get married.

You can’t compel me, according to Adi. Sam claims that you own the child because I am pregnant. Adi is startled and utters, “What? ” Sam displays her reports and declares, “This is our child.” She claims she didn’t plan any of this, but it did. Just for our unborn child, I need you in my life. Adi examines the reports while being shocked. When Darji calls, he replies, “I’m coming.” Sam is instructed not to discuss this with anyone, and the man then walks away. Adi and Sam arrive as the prayer begins. Ginni is also going there, but she misses Sam. Sam is startled to see her and departs.

Ginni is summoned by Darji. Together, Adi and Ginni receive Guruji’s blessings. Ginni is seated in a nook. Where is Sam, Supreet’s queries? I need to make a call, “Adi says before departing. Ginni is getting ready for Parsad. Gurleen and her in-laws arrive there. Why did he call this girl again, Darji queries Amber?

She is a good girl, according to Darji, and she prepared the parsad with love. Gulabo provides Dimpy with food. She calls Ginni and inquires as to how things are going. Yes, Ginni answers.

We need to start cooking, “Ginni says,” as she approaches Goldie. I feel like Simran is nearby, according to Goldie. Ginni advises us to put our work first and to stop thinking about her. Sam approaches her and claims, “I fled from Goldie, travelled to Canada to escape him, and changed myself from Simran to Sam.” I had to make some compromises so that I wouldn’t be found by these siblings. Adi is alone in his room and remembers how Amber constantly called him names. When Armaan arrives, he inquires about the situation. As he reviews the information, Adi declares, “Sam is pregnant, and I am the father.” How is this possible? asks Amber, who is in a state of shock. Be wary of her. Adi is shown reporting on him.

Amber advises us not to believe these. You don’t know what happened between me and Adi, Sam says as he approaches. Sam tells Adi, “Even if you don’t support me, I’ve decided to have this baby. ” I am aware that it would be challenging, but if you can support me and don’t want your child to experience what you did, I will respect your decision and raise the child on my own.

Thereafter, she departs. Adi observes. When Ginni’s friend calls, he tells her about Simran. Sam is hiding and hears everything. When Goldie spots Sam in the house, she goes searching for Ginni. Does he, Simran? Before he can catch her, Sam flees.