Aditya Is in a Tough Spot β€” Channa Mereya | 09 Aug | Written Update

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Get the written update for the newly discovered scene of the heavenly TV serial Channa Mereya brought on Tuesday, 09 August 2022 on Star Bharat. Aditya Is in a Tough Spot is the label of the present day’s episode number S1 E28.


Aditya struggles to make decisions about his life after finding out Sam is expecting. Ginni, on the other hand, is startled when she discovers Sam at Aditya’s home.


After accidentally entering Manveen’s room, Goldie is confronted by Ginni, who apologises and informs him of his error. She then takes him and tells him to stop looking for Simran. Sam sits down with Adi as the Paat begins, but he quickly leaves after remembering everything she said. Supreet is informed by Amber that she should not have permitted Sam to sit with Adi because Chimas might have had suspicions.

Ginni believes Goldie is obsessing over Simran while she is preparing food in the kitchen. When Adi arrives, she is given a tissue. Ginni accepts it and says thank you. Congratulations on this pooja, she says, your Darji arranged for this Paat.

Is there anything Adi can do to help? No, thank you, she replies. He asks if she has read Gurbani before turning to leave. Yes, I read it every day, she responds.

I couldn’t read it, claims Adi. He asks what I should do if I’m at a fork in the road and am unsure of the best course to take. According to Ginni, I am unable to mediate between a person and his God, but I can advise that you should examine yourself and make a moral decision. I believe that if your heart is pure, you should go to God and ask him all of your questions.

He gives a quick nod before leaving. Adi returns to Paat and thinks of Ginni’s remarks. Sam hides there when Ginni arrives. Adi stops Sam as she attempts to flee the area.

They all gather there to see them holding hands. Everyone is receiving Parsad from Ginni. Ginni hands Adi the parsad as she approaches Sam and notices her face. Sam is in awe.

Ginni gives her a brief glance but says nothing. Adi follows Sam as she flees and inquires as to her safety. Sam leaves after Farnaz arrives there. Who is she, Farnaz wonders.

From there, Adi departs. Ginni approaches Sam and asks, “Simran? ” Who are you, Sam asks you? Why are you saying all of this, Ginni asks?

Sam tells people to stay away from her and that she is not Simran before leaving. Ginni questions why she is lying if she is Simran. She must be kept apart from Goldie, I must. The entire family is seated together.

We can now discuss Adi and Farnaz’s union, according to Chima. Adi and Sam travel there. I’m sorry, but I’m unable to marry Farnaz, he says. Sam and I will wed. We’re all in shock.