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Get the written update for the original chapter of the interesting TV drama Channa Mereya delivered on Thursday, 07 July 2022 on Star Bharat. Aditya’s Effort for His Mother is the name of the most recently released episode number S1 E3.


Aditya makes breakfast for his family while attempting to jog his mother’s memory. Ginni goes to the Gurudwara and cries out to her father’s recipe book in prayer.


Adi enters the kitchen and thinks back to Amber complimenting Supreet. When the chef arrives, he or she offers to prepare any dish. Adi advises leaving immediately. Amber wouldn’t spare me, according to the cook.

He is ejected from the kitchen by Adi, who orders him to remain quiet. What’s going on, Armaan asks when he arrives there? Adi claims that my mother used to serve breakfast for everyone, but that they have all forgotten to do so. I won’t allow them to continue doing so.

Ginni asks the Lord to guide her in finding a solution to this problem. When Gulabo arrives, he gives the woman breakfast. Gulabo says you look like your father; I wish he was here. Ginni affirms that both God and Papaji are with us.

We also need to visit the Gurudwara. Gulabo asks the Lord to aid Ginni in his prayer. Ginni approaches her siblings and requests that they prepare for school. Gulabo scolds Goldie before walking away.

When Ginni asks Goldie to stop interfering, he agrees and walks away. “I have compiled a list of clients that might require catering services,” Ginni informs Gulabo. She begins calling the clients. Gulabo also lends a hand.

While preparing breakfast, Gulabo calls Adi. Ginni receives the phone call from her. I don’t want to buy anything, he claims. Ginni claims that I own a dhaba and am an excellent cook who can create anything.

I don’t need your menu, Adi tells her, so stop talking. According to Ginni, I found your number in the newspaper; it was given to me by Nehal. Adi tells the caller to quit bothering her and hangs up. Gulabo is told not to worry by Ginni.

Gulabo and Ginni visit the Gurudwara. Ginni envisions visiting with her father. She promised him she would go grab some parsad. In his hand, she scribbled the address.

The memory lane fades. Ginni sobs as she examines the address she has scribbled in her hand. Amber enters the lounge and gives Supreet admiration. He claims that you are gorgeous every day.

She gives him a thank-you grin. When Chachi arrives, she remarks that the two seem to be in love. According to Chachi, I called Chima’s family to get permission to marry my daughter Gurleen. Supreet is taken aback.

Amber claims that if this marriage occurs, it will benefit our business. Chachi claims that I have considered everything. Supreet asserts that marriage is a serious thing and that they should be aware of Gurleen’s condition. Darji arrives and rejects the offer.

When Gulabo approaches Ginni, he informs her that you have come to remember your father’s memories. Yes, adds Ginni, this area gives me the courage to handle all the problems. Gulabo claims that after becoming unwell, your father began to forget everything. In the flashback, it is revealed that he promised Gulabo that he would keep a recipe journal for Ginni and deposit it in a fund account.

He had faith that his wife, Ginni, would excel as a cook. The memory lane fades. According to Gulabo, your father recorded all the secret recipes in the journal. The entries in that journal were priceless.

Each member of the family eats breakfast together. We all watch as Adi brings breakfast there. Darji claims you prepared it. I had to make everyone remind me of my mother, according to Adi.

He gives his father a glare. I wish I had access to my father’s journal, “Ginni says to Gulabo. Gulabo claims, “I recall somebody defrauded your father and stole his diary. ” How, Ginni says?

Gulabo asserts, “I’m positive a family member of your father stole his diary. ” According to Ginni, the Lord will aid us in locating it. A diary is a diamond, according to Gulabo, and you deserve one. In a prayer, Ginni asks the Lord for the diary.

Each member of the family eats breakfast together. Darji gushes over how delicious it is. There isn’t any butter, according to Amber. “You are welcome to depart,” according to Adi.

This, according to Amber, is my home. You should keep in mind that I am my mother’s son and that this is also her home, according to Adi. You can change your wife, but you can’t change the truth. It is a known fact that your first wife was my mother. Amber gives him a glare.