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Check out the written update for the up-to-the-minute installment of the thrilling TV serial Channa Mereya ventilated on Saturday, 13 August 2022 on Star Bharat. Aditya Exposes Sam is the moniker of the most modern episode number S1 E32.


Aditya discovers that Sam is actually Simranpreet, who is also Goldie’s wife. Later, Ginni alerts Goldie to the arrival of a special guest at the Dhaba.


Adi walks into Sam’s room, but Ginni has already left. Adi queries Sam about her apparent stress. Sam claims it is unimportant. We’re going shopping, Adi says.

Sam says I will be returning shortly. Ginni’s halwa is in the dining room when Adi enters. He tastes and smells it. Ginni notices him eating it as she heads out.

She believes he is eating, but she is unable to compliment me. When she tries to leave, she accidentally drops the wedding photo of Goldie and Simran. Adi is shocked when she discovers the image. Sam and Goldie’s wedding picture, according to him? He remembers every incident, including Ginni’s inquiry about whether he knows Simran Preet. Sam appears and says, “Let’s go. ” Adi claims that Simran Preet? She answers positively before realising he used her real name.

You are Simran Preet Kaur, as Adi claims. She is dragged inside by him. Adi claims that despite doing research on my family, you lied about who you were. Should I give Ginni, your sister-in-law, a call?

Sam shuts the door and apologises profusely. I’m Simran Preet, but that’s not exactly the whole story. Have you met Goldie? He is a good man, according to Adi.

Sam calls him a worthless man. Goldie tells himself, “I have taken on responsibility now. ” When Ginni arrives, she observes him diligently at work. Goldie approaches her and promises to relieve her of her burden, saying that she has caused her a lot of stress in the past.

Ginni claims that you will soon be meeting someone. Simran, says Goldie? Ginni grins and nods. Goldie embraces her.

Sam reveals to Adi that I have been eluding my past. I’m not ready to talk about my past because I had to lie to get away from it. My husband Goldie was an alcoholic and a gambler, so I had to leave this place. Despite my efforts to bring him to Canada, he was useless.

Ginni used to treat me like a servant because of all that I did for Goldie’s family, but Goldie sold everything. Adi claims that you loaned them money just to travel to Canada. Sam claims that I travelled to Canada to support them and that Goldie and I shared an account; I used to send him money, but he always spent it all on gambling. She presents him with the transfer receipts as evidence.

While waiting for time to pass, Goldie is working in the dhaba. Simran is expected to arrive around 6 PM, according to Ginni. Goldie continues to focus on the time. Ginni says with a smile, “I just pray for Goldie’s happiness, and I will do anything for his happiness.”

She begins preparing food for Simran. You are preparing her favourite meals, according to Goldie. I’m overjoyed to have met her today. She made me stop for ice cream before we left for the airport, which I can still clearly recall.

I can still recall her recollections. Even on the day of departure, before going to the airport, Sam says to Adi, “I was looking for a drunk Goldie in the streets. ” We never communicated from Canada, but I continued to send him money from there. Once I met you, I understood how girls ought to be treated because you treated me with respect.

My feelings were never important to Otherside Goldie. Then I discovered that I am expecting your child. Do you believe Goldie will accept me now that I have a child? He never will, and because our relationship was toxic, I eventually moved on.

Your mother would be with you today if she had succeeded, but she was unable to. If you are correct, Adi asks, why were you silent? Because of you and this baby, Sam claims. I simply want a peaceful existence with you; I don’t need any more strife with Goldie. You have all the information; the decision is yours. For Simran, Goldie is adorning the dhaba.