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Check the written update for the newly released chapter of the nice television broadcast Channa Mereya circulated on Monday, 15 August 2022 on Star Bharat. Aditya in a Dilemma is the label of the groovy episode number S1 E33.


Aditya is divided between supporting Sam and his mother’s goal. Later, when Ginni shows up to bring Sam back with her, she and Aditya argue.


Simran is nowhere to be found while Goldie is waiting for her to arrive. Ginni asks God to grant Goldie joy. Ginni is asked by Goldie why Simran is not present. I was promised, according to Ginni.

What if she doesn’t show, asks Goldie? We could go get her. Goldie is asked to wait by Gulabo. Goldie tries to leave after saying, “I can’t wait any longer,” but Ginni slaps him to get his attention.

Goldie apologises and says she can’t wait much longer. Ginni apologised for slapping you and said she would take her with her. I will die without her, according to Goldie. When Pasha calls Adi, he inquires about his plans for the dhaba.

After hanging up, Adi consumes alcohol. He hears from Akash that this is bad. Adi visits his room and examines the portrait of his mother. He sobs while hugging her clothing.

He imagines his alter-ego encouraging him to grab that dhaba and simply concentrate on his dream. His other ego advises him to concentrate on the infant so that it won’t experience the same suffering as he did. Adi is ready to chug more when he remembers Akash’s remarks and discards them. Ginni visits Darji’s home while searching for Simran.

When she inquires about Sam, Akash responds, “I didn’t see her. ” The monster, he claims, is enraged and in his room. Adi cuts his hand when intoxicated. When Ginni arrives, she declares, “I want to talk about Simran.” “I am aware that Sam and Goldie were married,” claims Adi. Ginni claims that I am coming to get her. Adi claims that they got divorced. Ginni asserts that is untrue.

Sam is my future wife, according to Adi, so don’t even consider taking her from there. You also have no right to discuss her. Ginni pushes him away and retorts, “You have no heart; all you do is steal other people’s joy. ” You’re doing this because you couldn’t take our dhaba.

Who are you to make fun of me, asks Adi? Ginni accuses you of being a poor guy for stealing another man’s wife. You are a monster, and your papa was right to toss you out of the house. Adi tacks her to the wall and declares, “I don’t care about you or your dhaba.” I don’t give a damn whether Sam was someone’s wife. Stay away from her and me, since tomorrow is the day that I shall marry her. Don’t ever show your face again, he commands. He returns the lucky coin to her and warns her that this is a warning.

Ginni gives him a stern look before walking away. Adi is alone with himself as she remembers everything. He collapses and sobs in silence. Otherside Adi’s comments come to mind as Ginni exits his home. She sobs quietly as she remembers Goldie pleading with her.