A Shocker for Ginni β€” Channa Mereya | 16 Aug | Written Update

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Check out the written update for another chapter of the absorbing television broadcast Channa Mereya delivered on Tuesday, 16 August 2022 on Star Bharat. A Shocker for Ginni is the moniker of the ahead-of-the-game episode number S1 E34.


Ginni is devastated when she discovers Goldie trying to commit suicide. Ginni makes a commitment to ruin Aditya and Sam’s wedding at all costs after saving him.


All of the family members scream for him to open the door while Goldie locks himself in the room. When Ginni comes, she inquires as to what occurred. Gulabo claims that Goldie is trapped inside and not paying attention to us. Ginni begs him to let her in.

Simran and Aditya are getting married. The flashback depicts how Pasha gave him Sam’s photo with Adi and how all of his friends made fun of him for being unable to control his wife and accusing her of getting married to someone else. The memory lane fades. Ginni remembers Adi saying that Sam is now his future wife.

Ginni begs Goldie to unlock the door. Pasha is asked to slam the door. After doing so, they go inside and see Goldie dangling from the fan. We’re all shocked.

Gulabo and Ginni beg Goldie to awaken. The doctor examines him and does CPR on him. When Goldie coughs, she awakens. Everyone exhales in relief.

Why did you do that? “Ginni asks. ” Don’t ever repeat this, advises Gulabo. According to the doctor, he is unable to speak since shock has impacted his intellect.

Sam’s wedding news, according to Ginni, has caused this; if the wedding is successful, he won’t be living any longer. She asserts that I pledge to prevent Adi and Sam’s union. “What’s going on? ” Armaan asks Adi as he approaches.

Sam and I will be married tomorrow, according to Adi. Darji hands the manager his keys in the morning and asks if anyone needs anything. Gulabo gives Ginni a hug and compliments her for always attempting to find solutions. I had to save my brother, according to Ginni.

Gulabo claims he doesn’t want to put you at risk because of him. After stating that she must act, Ginni exits. Inquiring as to Adi’s whereabouts, Darji enters his room. Armaan claims to be preparing.

Adi arrives there, looking like a groom. Darji gets sentimental and gushes that you make the ideal groom. He inquires as to Adi’s desire for this marriage. Why don’t you appear joyful?

Adi keeps quiet. Don’t make the wrong choice, advises Darji. Adi states, “I am satisfied with my choice. I am unable to respond to your question, but I am doing all of this for a reason.” Darji says I won’t interrogate you, but keep in mind that I’m always by your side. When Gurleen and Manveen arrive, they demand Shagun. They claim all we need is a hug. Adi grinned and gave them hugs.