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Check out the written update for the different episodes of the compelling television broadcast Channa Mereya presented on Friday, 19 August 2022 on Star Bharat. Rajvanth Accepts Ginni is the pseudonym of the modern episode number S1 E37.


In spite of opposition from Ambar and Shailaja, Rajvanth welcomes Ginni into the Singh household. Rajvanth gives Ginni the bangles that belonged to Aditya’s mother.


Sam is discovered by Adi and Armaan in the basement, and Adi contacts the doctor. Sharja smacks Ginni in the mandap and exclaims, “How could she do all this? ” There, Ginni receives an embrace from Gulabo. She weeps.

They are a theatre family, explains Amber. Amber is commanded to stop by Darji. Sharja claims that Ginni must have made the arrangement with her mother. Don’t belittle Ginni because she claims to be ignorant.

Amber claims that the reason for your actions was to marry into a wealthy family. Go missing. Gulabo claims I wish to speak to my daughter in private. You can go inside and converse, according to Darji.

Ginni and Gulabo go. Sam is examined by a doctor. There, Supreet and Sharja arrive. What happened to her, Sharja queries?

Why did she tremble? They must go, Adi requests. Is everything okay, the doctor is questioned by Adi. Sam and the infant are fine, the doctor declares, and she then adjourns to leave after doing some tests.

Why did you do all of this, Gulabo asks Ginni as they hug. How could I let Goldie to die? Ginni asks. According to Gulabo, you gave your life to save your brother.

In this relationship, you will never be happy. You’ll never be welcomed by Adi. According to Ginni, I am relieved that my family is secure and I have faith in fate, so don’t be alarmed. Gulabo declares, “I want to touch your feet because you gave up so much for all of us.

” Darji appears and tells them that she is now my daughter and that they shouldn’t worry about her since I am with her. She has been brought here by God, and he will make a way for her. Gulabo nods as she sobs while hugging Ginni. Gulabo moves on.

What’s done is done, but you now need to repair this damaged connection, Darji advises Ginni. You’ll have to endure a lot of jeers. Ginni claims that I forced this connection on myself and that it is really a compromise on my part. You are here by fate, according to Darji, and I fully embrace you as my daughter-in-law.

You are not alone, he tells her while giving her Adi’s mother’s bracelets. Please let me know if you require anything. For you, I will send clothing. Ginni cries while hugging him.

Ginni scans the space she is in. When she sees Adi’s picture on the wall, she is reminded of their marriage. She remembered Gulabo telling her Adi wouldn’t ever accept her. Adi is observed by Ginni striking a wall outside the room.

She fears witnessing his rage. Akash appears and promises to engage in vigorous combat with you. Adi snarls at Ginni. Ginni assures Akash that I’m fine; Akash responds by calling him a monster, therefore I’ll be with you. Ginni requests Akash to leave as Adi enters the room. He moves on. Adi snarls at Ginni.