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Enjoy the written update for the recent section of the heavenly television broadcast Channa Mereya released on Saturday, 20 August 2022 on Star Bharat. Ginni Feels Remorseful is the caption of the newly published episode number S1 E38.


After finding out about Simran’s pregnancy, Ginni feels bad about marrying Aditya. In another location, Goldie is told of Ginni’s sacrifice by Ginni’s mother.


Ginni tells Akash to go, “I’ll take care of the monster,” and he does. You did what you wanted, right? Adi glares at Ginni and asks. Did you choose to wed me in an effort to keep your brother happy?

Are you happy that you did all this? Although you are selfish, you appear to care about others. You might have thought you were obstinate, but you’ll soon discover I am as well. The consequences are now on you.

Ginni claims that this wouldn’t have happened if you had listened to her and had not been determined to wed Sam. I would much rather end my life than many others. Adi claims, “You don’t understand why I did that. ” Is she correct?

I’ll present anything to you. Simran and Goldie’s divorce papers are displayed to her. Ginni examines the documents and declares that Goldie will never sign them since they are fake. Adi asserts that you are the only one in error.

By doing this, you have damaged lives. Ginni questions why you wanted to marry her despite knowing that she was Goldie’s wife. Goldie cries out for Simran when she awakes. I won’t permit Adi to wed Simran, he claims.

Adi couldn’t marry Simran, according to Ginni, Gulabo remarks, stopping him. How did she stop him, wonders Goldie? According to Gulabo, Ginni married Adi to prevent Simran from being married. Simran is still not with you since you made her do this, damaged your sister’s life, and made her do this.

Goldie is incredulous. According to Gulabo, Ginni won’t ever be accepted into that family. She explains everything to him and claims that Ginni is now walking on lava. According to Goldie, I’ll bring Ginni home.

He is stopped by Gulabo, who informs him that she is now married and trapped in a burning building. I didn’t realise Ginni had to make a sacrifice for me, claims Goldie. Simran will return with me. According to Gulabo, you are still concerned about Simran.

Just don’t go there right now; Ginni destroyed her life for you. Adi tells Ginni to blame her for everything since she made me the person I loathed the most. Ginni queries, “What man? ” What are you referring to?

I’ll tell you the truth, Adi promises. She is shown the pregnancy reports, and he informs her that Sam is carrying her child. I wanted to marry her for that baby, Adi explains to Ginni, and you took away my right to that child. Ginni claims, “I didn’t know any of this, and I’m sorry.

I made a terrible error; I was so focused on saving my brother’s life that I failed to see anything else. ” I wouldn’t have wed you if I had known she was pregnant. I’ll work out a solution. Stop it, Adi tells you; you’ve already ruined everything.

He then departs from it. Ginni sobs and tells me I made a terrible mistake. Sharja is informed by Manveen that this shouldn’t have happened. Sharja claims that the girl shouldn’t wed Adi since she’s stingy.

Gurleen claims that you shouldn’t condemn her because she even gave me marriage advice. Sharjah queries: What did she tell you? Gurleen remembers Ginni telling her not to build a relationship on deception. She believes I cannot inform Sharja.

My friend Manveen claims that because my brother married a Dhaba girl, my friends are making fun of me. Sharja advises waiting until Sam wakes up in the morning, at which point Adi will eject her. Supreet is informed by an inebriated Amber that the cheap girl has joined their family. Adi and Ginni, according to Supreet, are husband and wife.

Ginni is in her room and thinks back to Adi’s statement that she violated a baby’s right to life. She steps on the flowers, but the thorns stab her. The play is Jo Bheji thi Dua. Ginni visits the kitchen and consumes treats to dull her suffering.