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Read the written update for the most recently published section of the favorable television broadcast Channa Mereya delivered on Monday, 22 August 2022 on Star Bharat. Aditya Refuses to Accept Ginni is the tag of the freshly published episode number S1 E39.


Ginni chooses to make amends for her error even though Aditya won’t accept her as his wife. Ginni’s mother learns about Khushwant’s business strategy somewhere else.


Ginni enters the kitchen and feeds herself a sweet by force as the show opens, crying. When Akash arrives, he gives the woman a bottle of water. Thank you, Ginni. Ginni and Akash hug each other.

He then invites Ginni to become his buddy after explaining that he has observed everything from the window, including how everyone is criticising her despite the fact that she is a decent person. Ginni thinks of Goldie and extends a hand to be his friend. Thoughts of Sam’s pregnancy confession cause Aditya to go to her room and cover Sam with a quilt. After reflecting on Ginni’s words, he goes and rests in an armchair, where he eventually nods off.

When Ginni arrives, she remembers everything and regrets her choice. She then drapes a comforter over Aditya as she examines his broken knuckle. She then approaches a sleeping Simran and apologizes, explaining that, despite being a woman, she made Simran’s life more challenging. She also admits that she erred greatly and that she would never have made the choice she did if it hadn’t been for Goldie’s life.

She also implores her to get well quickly because she will figure out how to fix her error. She then leaves the space. Simran awakens and explains that Ginni was aware of her pregnancy, and now her guilt and Aditya’s anger will be used to bring Aditya down. Rajvant enters a locked room after remembering his conversation with Ginni.

Supreet arrives and is perplexed as to why Rajvant is suddenly entering the chamber that has been closed for years and that he had previously forbidden anyone from entering. However, today, following everything that happened last night, Supreet is curious as to why Rajvant is now doing so. Rajvant leaves a space. Supreet approaches him and inquires about his whereabouts and what he is doing at the moment.

Rajvant tells her a story about not feeling sleepy, so he goes to the garden before telling her he is returning to his room and asking her to sleep as well before leaving the area. Supreet questions why Rajvant is deceiving her and what he is keeping hidden from everyone. Shailaja notices what Supreet and Rajvant are talking about at this late hour and wants to learn more. The following morning, Ginni wakes up and requests that Shampy and Dimpy get ready for school.

When she realises she is in Aditya’s home, she becomes upset. On the other hand, Gulraj sets up the dhaba while reassuring herself that the populace believes she is correct. They would lose the comfort of the home, as she defines it, if the daughter of the house got married and moved in with her in-laws. There is a woman who calls Ginni’s name.

She is identified by Gulraj as their former neighbour who has relocated to Canada. When the lady asks where Ginni is, they each inquire about the other’s health. Gulraj becomes irate. Gurleen meets Ginni in the Singh mansion and gives her a dress.

She claims that she came here on her own initiative and without telling Shailaja. She continues by saying that she will never lie to or betray anyone, whether anyone in the house knows it or not. She advised her to be honest on her wedding day and wished she had had the same fortitude as her. When Gurleen hears Shailaja ringing, she informs Ginni that she is on her way to her in-law’s place and gives her a hug before leaving the room.

Ginni, according to Gulraj, lives in a hell. The latter is startled and queries what she is saying. Gulraj explains to her all that took place. She surprises her neighbour and friend.

Since everyone knows that Ginni can only manage her father’s business like him, she then asks Gulraj how they are going to handle this dhaba business. Even while Gulraj acknowledges that, she cannot allow her other children to suffer and expresses her wish for knowledge of Kushwant’s top-secret recipe book. She is asked if she is aware that Kushwant plans to build a hotel with one of Amritsar’s well-known figures by her neighbour, Buddy. He assured them that the money from his partners and his own ideas would help him restart the hotel industry.

Gulraj is surprised and asks why Kushwant didn’t tell her anything at that point. Her friend explains that he had intended to inform her on the day of their wedding but that Kushwant had tragically passed away and that she had moved to Canada with her family, returning only now. Gulraj says she finds it hard to imagine Kushwant wanting to start a hotel. Ginni exits the restroom and gets ready on the opposite side.

Aditya walks into the space. He takes his clothes to leave and ignores Ginni, but she stops him. When Aditya becomes irritated, he tells her that he doesn’t want to share a space with her or a room with her since he knows he can’t stand her and wants her to quit acting like his wife before storming out of the room. The companion of Gulraj, from the other side, explains to her the significance of her visitation today.

She requests that she remember what day it is. The day Kushwant finished writing his recipe book is when Gulraj recognised it. Her buddy informs her that the day they relocated to Canada, but not before they met Kushwant, who jokingly informed them that today was their last meeting with his business partner before they officially launched their venture. Gulraj observes.

Ginni recalls her father’s dream about her marriage on the other side. She then prays to God, asking for his assistance in restoring order because of her error; many others are suffering, and she is only here going through all of this because she made a vow. Ginni and Akash are currently in the kitchen. Posad is made by Ginni.

She is asked to go by Aditya. Ginni begs him to spare her this kind of punishment. Aditya tells her she is not a member of the family, and she has no influence over his life. She was on the phone when she said she was going to inform the Singhs she was pregnant, but this time she had to be more careful since she didn’t want anyone to find out that Aditya wasn’t the father of her unborn kid.

She is then startled when she sees Ginni in the mirror. Ginni approaches her as soon as she turns around with intent.