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Let’s enjoy the written update for the most recent webisode of the fun television broadcast Channa Mereya reported on Tuesday, 23 August 2022 on Star Bharat. Ginni Fumes in Anger is the label of the most recently released episode number S1 E40.


When Ginni enters Singh’s kitchen to make dinner for her in-laws, Aditya becomes enraged. Later, when Ginni learns of Sam’s evil scheme to capture Aditya, she becomes enraged.


Ginni begins the episode by pleading with God to reveal a sign of hope and a way to return to normalcy. Akash goes to Ginni. Ginni asks Akash why he is holding a screwdriver in one hand and a cake in the other. Akash explains that the cake is for her and that he used to use a screwdriver to break his toys.

Aditya hasn’t eaten anything since last night, and he always cooks for himself when he’s hungry. However, if the kitchen appliances or any other machinery break down, he becomes enraged. He wants to use the screwdriver to break the stove and begs her for food right away. After reflecting that not only Aditya but the entire family had gone without eating, Ginni decides to make meals for everyone.

She moves to the dining room. Akash pursues her and queries what she is doing in this location. Ginni explains how she intends to prepare meals for everyone, including Aditya. Akash claims that she is unaware of what revenge entails.

Aditya is not to be helped by her; she is to bother him. Ginni explains to Akash that since she is an angel, her persona shouldn’t cause trouble for anyone. She continues by saying that since she doesn’t see anyone going hungry, she will bake aloo paratha for everyone in the hopes that this will reduce tensions. She then begins to get ready.

When Supreet arrives, he inquires as to what she is doing. Ginni explains that nobody has had dinner yet, so she plans to cook for everyone. Supreet questions her about the custom, according to which the house’s daughter-in-law, a member of the Singh family, is expected to prepare the Kada prasad first. Despite the unconventional circumstances of their union, she eventually married Aditya, the first son of the Singh family.

She begs Ginni to prepare prasad first since she doesn’t want to belittle their culture. Ginni agrees. Supreet makes the decision to leave the kitchen, but she pauses and asks Ginni where she got the fortitude to even show her face to everyone, much less cook, after what she had done. Supreet is informed by Ginni that she wed Aditya in order to save her brother’s life.

She continues by saying that she has told Aditya everything, but he persisted in his choice. She begged Simran to end this marriage, but Simran also refused. She even went to Rajvant, who advised her that God would only assist those who assist themselves. As a result, she made this choice.

It was not in the plan for her to leave the house when she did. Supreet experiences shock. After telling Ginni that making prasad with good intentions won’t imply she is adopting her into the family, she departs the location. the opposite The former neighbour and friend of Gulraj informs her that in addition to dreaming of providing the best education, Kuswant also wished for Ginni’s wedding to be the best one in all of Amritsar.

Gulraj laments the fact that she is unaware of all of this, as well as Kushwant’s proposed alliance partners. In a dimly lit room, someone on the other side will open a box while wearing black gloves. Ginni chooses to get the ghee on her own from the storeroom. Gulraj reveals to her acquaintance that her husband’s secret recipe book disappeared following his abrupt death.

Her friend wonders if the book has vanished or if it has been stolen. Kushwant’s partner tells Kushwant that the book must have been stolen. Gulraj claims that only God is aware of the truth and expresses her hope for a response. A picture frame featuring Rajvant and Kushwant together was pulled out by the person wearing all black.

When Ginni passes Simran’s room, she is glad to discover that she is awake and chooses to greet her. Simran, who is eating an apple, throws it in the trash while being unwell. Ginni is perplexed by her sudden behaviour change, but she leaves after promising to send Aditya or anyone else to help her. Simran makes the decision to get rid of Ginni before she does anything that will cause more issues.

Shailaja observes Ginni preparing the prasad in the kitchen. By urging her to discard the meal she made, she makes fun of her. According to Supreet’s directions, Ginni says she is preparing the prasad. Is Supreet going to accept Ginni as this house’s daughter-in-law?

Shailaja worries She then notices Aditya, at which point she declares aloud, “Ginni, no matter what she does, no one is going to accept her. ” Ginni is told to leave the kitchen by Aditya, who enters and explains that he doesn’t want her there because he knows the kitchen is a divine place for chefs. In order to gain favour with other people, he also says that he would prepare the prasad and begs her to cease acting like his wife and this house’s daughter-in-law. Ginni explains to him that she doesn’t want anyone’s wife or daughter-in-law to recognise her.

She is carrying out the request made of her. Aditya begins the prasad preparations. Even though he tries to stop her, Ginni assists him. They both work together to make the prasad.

Ginni hands Akash a dish of prasad and requests that he offer it to God. The latter does so. Aditya tells her that he had prasad and that’s why he had it. Shailaja has the prasad as well.

Before Ginni makes a mess of things, Simran, on the phone from her room, says that she is going to inform the Singhs she is pregnant and that she needs to be extra careful so that no one finds out that Aditya isn’t the father of her child. She is then startled to see Ginni’s reflection in the mirror. When she turns around, her phone is gone. Ginni approaches her and strikes her.

She wonders how she was able to do this. Ginni refuses to listen to Simran’s pleas for a chance to explain, telling her that she won’t let her trick Aditya, and then leaving the area. Simran believes she must stop Ginni, but if she does so, the Singh family will get suspicious, so she must play her cards more cautiously. Simran becomes determined to catch Ginni and incites the Singh family to turn on Ginni.

Instead of serving prasad to everyone as she should, Supreet interrupts Ginni when she tries to capture Aditya’s attention. Ginni is undecided as to whether to tell Aditya or Supreet the truth about Simran first. Simran says, “Shalaja and Supreet, both brother and sister, devastated my life,” and she doesn’t want Ginni to do the same to Aditya. She continues by saying that she is carrying Singh’s heir inside of her.

She is informed by Aditya that they don’t require any justification from her. Shailaja pushes Ginni outside while dragging her along. Ginni enters the kitchen and feeds herself a sweet by force as the show opens, crying. When Akash arrives, he gives the woman a bottle of water.

Thank you, Ginni. Ginni and Akash hug each other. He then invites Ginni to become his buddy after explaining that he has observed everything from the window, including how everyone is criticising her, despite the fact that she is a decent person. Ginni thinks of Goldie and extends a hand to be his friend.

Thoughts of Sam’s pregnancy confession cause Aditya to go to her room and cover Sam with a quilt. After reflecting on Ginni’s words, he goes and rests in an armchair, where he eventually nods off. When Ginni arrives, she remembers everything and regrets her choice. She then drapes a comforter over Aditya as she examines his broken knuckle.

She then approaches a sleeping Simran and apologises, explaining that, despite being a woman, she made Simran’s life more challenging. She also admits that she erred greatly and that she would never have made the choice she did if it hadn’t been for Goldie’s life. She also implores her to get well quickly because she will figure out how to fix her error. She then leaves the space.

Simran awakens and explains that Ginni was aware of her pregnancy, and now her guilt and Aditya’s anger will be used to bring Aditya down. Rajvant enters a locked room after remembering his conversation with Ginni. Supreet arrives and is perplexed as to why Rajvant is suddenly entering the chamber that has been closed for years and that he had previously forbidden anyone from entering. However, today, following everything that happened last night, Supreet is curious as to why Rajvant is now doing so.