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Get the written update for the different episodes of the involving TV drama Channa Mereya ventilated on Wednesday, 24 August 2022 on Star Bharat. Aditya, Sam’s Truth Is Out is the label of the up-to-the-minute episode number S1 E41.


When Sam tells the Singhs about her pregnancy report, Aditya is questioned. When Supreet kicks Ginni out of the house, Rajvanth is enraged.


Supreet begins the episode by asking Ginni where Prasad is. Ginni claims that when Aditya went to distribute the prasad to everyone, she instructed him to serve Rajvant first because he is the eldest of the household. She then announces that she is going to the kitchen to get prasad for everyone.

Rajvant receives the prasad from Aditya. Rajvant praises it and asserts that the maker of the prasad enjoys God’s favour. Even though they are all aware that this marriage occurred without his knowledge, Aditya informs Rajvant that he has to talk to him about something and inquires as to why Supreet asked Ginni to prepare the prasad for everyone.

Rajvant chuckles and says he now knows why this prasad is delicious. Ginni arrives and makes an effort to attract his attention. Shailaja informs Simran that she is feeling weak when she is in her room.

She needs water, so Shailaja assists her. She then queries her further desires. She adds that she is relieved to be awake so that she and Aditya can jointly eject Ginni from the house.

Simran tells herself that she can handle the issues with Ginni, but for the time being, she needs Shailaja to view the pregnancy report so she can trick everyone into falling for her traps. She moves and commands Shailaja to bring her the tablets she had hidden beside the reports, but Shailaja doesn’t see them and gives them to her. Shailaja chooses to go.

Sam becomes upset. Shailaja is then instructed to deliver the hair clip that was kept above the report. Shailaja sees the report while on her way to take it.

Simran smirks joyfully as she gasps in surprise. Aditya informs Rajvant that he has something very significant to share. Rajvant chooses to depart after telling Aditya he will talk to him later due to being sidetracked by a phone call.

Ginni enters the space and accepts his blessings. She then approaches Aditya and begs him to pay attention to the information she wants to give him. Aditya is irritated but requests that she express it.

Aditya is then summoned by Shailaja, who also causes Ginni to leave the room. Aditya queries Shailaja about what transpired. When he notices Simran seated on the couch, he rushes up to her and inquires about her well-being.

The pregnancy report in his hand is examined by Amber. Simran gestures and adds that Shailaja called you and your family members out in the report before she even woke up, and she sincerely apologises for that. She then hurries to the restroom while feeling queasy.

Aditya is told by Shailaja not to worry because this era in a woman’s life is natural. Aditya takes the report out of Supreet’s hand while cautioning Shailaja to keep away from his private matters. Amber becomes enraged and lifts his hand to reprimand Aditya, but Supreet stops him and tells him to calm down since Aditya is a married man now and there are other ways to discipline him.

Amber tells Aditya that he must act appropriately till his name is connected to this family. However, his one error might damage the family’s image. He also questions why he is learning the truth about his life in bits and pieces rather than telling it all at once.

Simran appears and pretends in front of them that they both intend to inform everyone about this after their wedding. She also explains why, once they hear of her pregnancy, she and Aditya become closer, and he decides to marry her and establish a family. She then goes to Supreet and tells her that she wanted to inform her first because they were getting married.

Supreet pulls her hand away and turns her head away. There, Ginni shows up. Simran also claims that the way Aditya and Ginni got married was the same way her own marriage to Goldie occurred.

It’s rife with deceit, and she doesn’t want Aditya to endure what she did, which astounds Ginni. Simran tells Ginni that she is carrying Simran’s successor in her womb as she opens her mouth. Ginni makes an attempt to inform everyone that the child is not Aditya’s, but Simran doesn’t listen to her.

Aditya informs Simran that they are not required to provide explanations to anybody. Simran claims that it is imperative because only then will they be able to expel the dishonest and dishonest Ginni from the home. Additionally, the mother of the Singh heirs will be allowed to live there.

Amber yells at Ginni and requests Supreet to eject her. Ginni is dragged to the doorstep by Shailaja, who pushes her out after promising to show her the way to her house. As soon as Rajvant arrives, he yells at Shailaja for treating Ginni badly and reminds her that she is Aditya’s wife.

Simran becomes irate when Rajvant shows up since he thwarted the success of her plan. Ginni and Rajvant enter the residence. Aditya apologises to Rajvant and says that he needs to tell him the truth about his choice to marry Simran.

He also says that he wanted to tell Rajvant this earlier, which is why he went to his room. Simran and Ginni are both shown to their rooms by Rajvant. Supreet informs Rajvant that the media obtained the wedding photo of Aditya and Ginni despite their best efforts to prevent it; as a result, the media wanted them to reveal it to everyone.

However, Supreet pleaded with them to hold off for a few more days because they were preparing for the reception and, whether they liked Ginni or not, they had to take this action to protect their reputation. Supreet is questioned by Shailaja and Amber as Rajvant is mute. Supreet continues by saying that they must ensure that no one is aware of Simran’s pregnancy.

When Ginni arrives, she informs the group that she overheard Simran tell a caller that the kid in her womb is not Aditya’s. Ginni is dragged into their room by Aditya after he orders her to stop talking senselessly. Even after everything she has done, he still wants to know whether she has felt sorrow for her actions or not.

Aditya refuses to listen to Ginni’s pleas for belief and abuses her. He also admits to Ginni that he never imagined she would go to such lengths. Shailaja informs them outside the room that they must now wait till Simran gives birth to the kid since only then will they be allowed to do a DNA test.

Supreet orders them to prevent Simran from leaving the home and Ginni from leaving the house in order to prevent Simran from heading to the police station to report Aditya. Ginni tells Aditya that she never tells falsehoods and challenges him to consider why she is acting in such a way after knowing the truth and regretting her choice to wed Aditya. Aditya tells her it is because she wanted to be his wife.

He also reminds her that there is no more trust because she has betrayed it with her actions. He had previously respected her and believed she was an independent lady, but now she showed him that he was incorrect as well by leaving the location. Ginni sobs.