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Check the written update for the just released scene of the congenial TV show Channa Mereya ventilated on Thursday, 25 August 2022 on Star Bharat. Ginni Faces an Accusation is the designation of the present day’s episode number S1 E42.

Ginni Faces an Accusation Channa Mereya 25 Aug Update

Sam challenges Ginni to have her evicted from the home. Later, Ginni is suspected after looking at Sam’s pregnancy report.


The family is instructed by Supreet to keep Sam and Ginni under control. When Adi arrives, he adds, “You won’t determine that. ” Sharja asserts that Darji alone has decision-making authority in this home. They are asked to stop fighting by Darji.

He informs Supreet that she is correctβ€”we need to keep both ladies here. But, says Adi, According to Darji, this period is about managing things. He then departs from it. If they both remain here, according to Supreet, we will soon learn who is telling the truth.

Ginni is sobbing in her room as she remembers Adi labelling her a phoney. Sam shows up and makes fun of her. She snatches her and threatens to kick her out of the house shortly. You can lie, but the truth will eventually come out, “Ginni adds, while giving her a glare.

Don’t forget that you tricked Adi to get you here, advises Sam. Ginni replies, “I can’t stoop like you. You won’t be able to lie for much longer. ” as she twists her hand.

Adi’s emotions are being played with by you, but the game is about to stop. Sam asks if you want to wager. Try as you might, the truth won’t come out. Before that, I’ll kick you out of the house.

Sam begins to walk away. Sam pretends to collapse as Adi arrives, and then Adi grabs her and warns her to be careful. Sam sobs and adds, “I want to leave this place. “You married Ginni, and now she’s blaming me.

” You cannot travel anyplace in this state, according to Adi. Sam says you can stay here with your wife Ginni, who you married, who usurped my baby’s rights and is now referred to as being illegitimate, and whose child will now reside in an orphanage. Adi says, “Enough, don’t worry, I spoke with Ginni. Sam hugs him and asks him to accompany him to the Gurdwara since he is stressed.

Okay, says Adi. Sam smirks at Ginni before escorting Adi away. What can I do when Ginni claims that she is deceiving Adi? Sam and Adi are on their way to the gurdwara.

When the media shows up, they start taking pictures. When Amber arrives, she motions for them to depart. The reporter queries if he got married to a local woman but had a relationship with a foreigner. “He should stop,” Adi yells at him.

He assures Sam that they will leave tomorrow. They return indoors. Why did he leave the house with Sam, yelling at Adi? You’re a rude person.

Who informed the media that Sam and I were leaving, asked Adi? You don’t give someone a chance to insult us, according to Amber. Sam tells the reporters to remain outside and express gratitude for their visit and request for funds. Sam believes that once the media starts using our images, confusion will reign.

Now, the Singh family must accept me. Ginni is searching for evidence. Sam’s pregnancy report is in the file she finds, but Manveen stops her and alerts everyone present. She claims Ginni spied on Sam in his room.

Sam and Adi also visit there. She might have come to steal something, according to Manveen. Ginni claims that it isn’t like that. When she is smacked, Sharja asks, “Why did you come here then?

” Adi is told to use common sense by Akash, who also points out that Ginni is an angel and Sam appears to be a cheater. Are you mentally ill? He is asked to go by Adi. Sam claims that Ginni has turned Akash against me.

She tricked us all, and she’s now watching me. She sobs, “I’m tired of all this,” as she says this. If you have an issue with me or my child, I will leave. But I can’t take this insult.

Sharja comforts the woman. If Ginni didn’t come to steal, then why did she come to spy, wonders Supreet? Sam claims she will only lie. You are talking too much, Supreet claims, and you won’t decide who stays or leaves.

You both have reservations. You went to the media with Adi, so your picture gets viral, “Supreet” says after showing her the video. Keep inside your boundaries because you two could both be dismissed.