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Let’s enjoy the written update for the just-released chapter of the readable telecast Channa Mereya delivered on Friday, 26 August 2022 on Star Bharat. Supreet Confides in Ginni is the designation of the all-new episode number S1 E43.


Ginni chooses to connect with Aditya by finding out more about his past. Aditya’s past and his relationship with his mother are later revealed by Supreet to Ginni.


Ginni informs Sam. My brother would not have suffered due to you if your genuine identity had been known earlier. Adi, who is alone himself, thinks back to Sam’s statement that his child would live like an orphan. He is folding a fire stick to start a blaze when Ginni steps in and pushes him away before he burns his hand.

“Leave my hand,” Adi growls at her. You cannot harm yourself in front of me, she admonishes. I understand that you are furious. Although I am aware of my foolish behaviour, heed my advice because Sam is just like that.

She manipulates people’s emotions; she did it to my brother and she’s doing it to you. Why are you blind to its reality? “Leave my hand,” Adi commands. I won’t, Ginni says; go ahead and do anything you like.

You call me stupid, which makes me believe you are a heartless stone. Yet I know you to be smart, so how can Sam trick you? What makes you think all this is true? “Just release my hand,” Adi says.

Ginni shakes his hand and replies, “Fine. ” She begs him to believe her, saying, “I’m not lying, and I’m doing everything I can to help you understand the truth. At the very least, I think that I was prepared to apologise to Sam up until yesterday; why am I against her today? ” Adi advises not to belittle people and to stop pleading with me if you want to transform your lie into the truth.

Why do you perform all the rituals when you constantly change your façade? Why are you now opposed to Sam when you married me to save your brother’s life? I have no reason to believe you; give me one. He then departs from it.

Sam appears and smirks at Ginni, telling her that Adi placed you there and that you were insulted but are still there. You are fighting for and saving a man, but you are unaware of his true nature. There is still time for you to go from here. Adi visits his room and examines the pictures of his mother.

Ginni thinks back to Sam’s remarks and declares that she was correct; I need to learn more about Adi’s past because he is concealing suffering beneath his rage. He trusts Sam since he is a wise man because of something in his background. She must be aware of some information about his past that she is exploiting to her advantage. To get Sam to tell the truth, I need to learn about his prior suffering.

How will I go about doing that? Adi is approached by Supreet, who says, “I need to talk to you about something. ” “You weren’t required to come here,” claims Adi. Adi drops a box while loading his mother’s package.

According to Supreet, we are looking for a solution to your issue. Adi responds, “This is my issue; permit me to remind you that you are not Gurkirat Kaur, my mother, so please don’t try to act like it. ” When Ginni arrives, she overhears that. He ignores Supreet’s attempts to speak with him and walks away.

Supreet dries her tears before asking Ginni when she arrived. Ginni takes a picture of the infant Adi with his biological mother. She turns to face Supreet. Supreet claims that while she couldn’t speak to Adi, she is able to speak with you.

This is Adi with his true mother, Gurkirat. She is no longer with us, but she is living in his heart, she explains as she examines the photo. It makes sense because she is his mother. Adi was a content baby when his mother was around, but since she left, he has lost the ability to grin.

To him, her mother was everything. I tried to fill the void and be his mother, but I couldn’t do it. She adds, “Look at my fate. ” She breaks down and departs.

Supreet may have made some mistakes, but Ginni insists that she is not a nasty person. One thing is certain: Adi’s mother is central to everything he does, so the suffering must be connected to her. I must ascertain what that anguish is. Ginni plans to speak with Darji in the morning, but he is already speaking with Amber, so she waits.

Supreet visits Amber and Darji. We are still waiting for the reception, “a reporter tells Darji over the phone. According to Amber, all they want is free meals. It would be better for you to present Adi’s wife because the reporter claims that two women have been seen with him.

Supreet answers the phone and informs the caller that they will be invited to the reception once it has been scheduled. Ginni hears all of that while hiding. We need to set the monster in place, Akash adds as he approaches her. Ginni claims I was unable to locate pictures of Monster as a child.

Akash claims to store his belongings in the den. Supreet is questioned by Darji as to why the reporter was invited when the event had to be postponed. Supreet asks Amber who she will introduce as his wife. He informs Darji that you are to blame for this since you have damaged Adi.

Because of him, we are being treated disrespectfully. He is demeaning us all. Darji asserts that we should put our family’s needs first because Adi is this way because of you, and I was unable to stop you when you threw Adi away. He reminds Supreet that, in addition to announcing a reception, we also need to keep the females in mind.

When Ginni enters the den, she discovers some antique furniture. Why does Adi keep things here, she asks?