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Let’s enjoy the written update for the original story of the riveting show Channa Mereya provided on Saturday, 27 August 2022 on Star Bharat. Aditya Gives an Ultimatum is the label of the up-to-the-minute episode number S1 E44.


Aditya accuses Ginni of manipulating his feelings after he discovers her in his covert room. Later, he issues Ginni a 24-hour deadline to vacate the Singh mansion.


Ginni enters the den and remarks that it appears that Adi saves his memories here. She takes a look around and comments that the way he has kept things in this place shows how much he loves when he does. In the closet, she discovers a package and some clothes. She remembered that Adi had it.

When she opens it, she discovers some toys. She grins as she views the pictures of baby Adi and his mother inside. She says he smiles cutely, so I simply need to figure out what’s causing him pain right now. She discovers a diary that is his mother’s when she opens it.

She reads Adi’s messages, which advise her to constantly smile. When Adi gets there, he takes the diary. Ginni becomes alarmed. Adi asks, “Do you like to be injured?

” You want to enrage me, do you? However, Ginni notes that the diary. Adi says, “Join me. ” Let’s go, he adds as he leads her out of the den.

I was informed by Sharja that a reception would be held tomorrow; I suspect Darji and Supreet are responsible for this arrangement. There are Darji, Supreet, and Amber. It’s time to make an announcement, according to Darji. Adi leads Ginni into his room, where they both sit down.

He warns that he will tell you one last time not to touch his possessions because Darji is the reason you are here. I want to talk to you, Ginni says. Adi asks: Who told you about my den? I saw you go there, according to Ginni.

Adi wonders why you keep watching people. I’m having second thoughts about whether you married me on purpose; Sharja may have a point when she says you’re greedy. I don’t care what other people think, Ginni declares. I know you’re trying to appear strong, but you’re not.

What are you doing if you believe I am self-centered and dishonest? Is Sam tricking you? I can’t hear you because of this. You’ve taken good care of your mother’s space, but have you ever had her read her writing to you?

She never intended for you to become an angry man, but you have. Adi begs her to stop, saying that Amber Raj Singh is to blame for how I have changed. Ginni responds in the affirmative, “Accuse your father of your actions. You are constantly angry because you are unhappy with yourself for not being able to save your mother.

Your anger is killing you from the inside out. “Behind your scary face, you are hiding a scared baby. ” She is urged to halt by Adi. Ginni claims that you are deaf to the truth.

At least for the sake of your mother, let go of this animosity. When Adi sees his mother’s picture on the wall, he stops himself from punching the wall out of rage. Ginni advises smashing objects to vent rage. Don’t talk about my mother, Adi commands.

I’ll discuss, Ginni says, but why are you so composed? You are welcome to yell at me to vent your rage and suffering. I apologize for invading your private place, but I needed to see what you were concealing. People will use your pain against you if you keep it buried, as Sam is doing.

While hiding, Armaan hears everything. Akash appears and informs the two of you that Darji is calling. Ginni meets Armaan outside the room as she is about to leave with Akash and continues. Ginni joins the household.

Darji asks Akash to go after thanking him for bringing Ginni there. Ginni is instructed by Akash to play with him later before he departs. Supreet informs the family that due to questions regarding Adi’s marriage, a reception gala will be held tomorrow at which Adi’s bride will be introduced to the media. Sam wonders if Ginni was successful in getting Supreet to accept her.

Supreet reports that this is the decision. Adi arrives and says, “Wait a second, this is a personal problem, and I’ve already determined what I’m going to do. ” Ginni has 24 hours to stay here before leaving, so good bye, he tells her. Sam chuckles.

I’ll introduce my life partner to the media tomorrow, Adi informs my family. He glares at Ginni while holding Sam’s hand. From there, he takes her. Ginni asks God to prevent Sam from tricking Adi.

Adi has made a decision, according to Sharja, so let’s get ready. She claims that my husband, Anand, was chosen for the job because he is gullible. At least he is making an effort to be helpful, according to Amber. Darji tells him to stop talking.

According to Sharja, after the gala, we will be free of this dhaba girl. Ginni believes I have a day to reveal the truth.