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Let’s enjoy the written update for the most recently published scene of the pleasant TV broadcast Channa Mereya proclaimed on Thursday, 01 September 2022 on Star Bharat. Sam Attacks Ginni is the moniker of the funky episode number S1 E48.


Sam kidnaps Ginni and confines her in a room in order to prevent her from telling Aditya the truth and ruining their relationship. After that, Sam requests that Aditya present her to the press on her behalf.


At the beginning of the episode, Ginni says that this document will show that everything she is claiming about herself is accurate. Despite being just partially true, this will undoubtedly aid in her exposure. When Sam refused to respond to her request to go while she still had time, Ginni said, “Okay, I’ll tell Aditya the truth. ” Ginni also tells Sam that her strategy is to trick Aditya and the Singh family up to the time of the baby’s birth, after which she intends to trap them with one of her schemesβ€”but not anymore.

She moves on to Aditya’s room after that. Sam observes. In his bedroom, Aditya gets ready. Sam approaches Ginni as she attempts to open the door and stops her in her tracks.

Ginni tries to get free of Sam’s grip. Aditya unlocks the door after hearing something outside. Sam is holding Ginni by the side of the wall, so he is unable to locate anybody. Aditya exits the chamber, locking it from the inside.

Ginni is led to the room by Sam. She pulls her down while admonishing her not to expose her to everyone. She also claims that Ginni did this to her on the day of her wedding, so she is only repeating what she did. She then declares that she will pay whatever price to have her way.

She then leaves the space. She makes the choice to lock the space away. When Akash arrives, he refers to Sam as a cheater didi. She is asked why she is in this room when she obviously knows that Aditya won’t be there at all.

However, Sam asks Akash what he is doing here and tells him to go and join the group. Akash departs the location. Sam also departs the building. In the same room where Rajvant kept Kushwant’s recipe book and picture frame, Ginni is unresponsive.

Rajvant becomes anxious as he recalls Ginni asking him to intervene in Aditya and Sam’s engagement in order to save her brother’s life. He also remembers Gulraj pleading with him to save her daughter’s life from injustice. The celebration begins downstairs. Marleen and Gurleen exchange greetings.

Supreet explains to a visitor that everything occurred unexpectedly and that’s why they can’t invite anybody. After that, she walks to Amber and excuses herself. Amber becomes enraged when she sees that the media are drinking and having a good time at the party. He explains to Supreet that the only goals of the media are to achieve fame and financial gain by exploiting Aditya’s situation.

Then, he claims that Mr. Cheema is prepared to make Harnas their daughter-in-law and Aditya’s bride since Aditya wrecked their relationship and they are now suffering as a result of his choice. Supreet soothes him. Aditya enters Rajvant’s room and asks Rajvant why he seems to be under stress.

Rajvant remains silent. Aditya reminds Rajvant that despite having made all the preparations for this gala dinner, he is still not ready. Rajvant explains to Aditya that he believes this is all occurring as a result of his wrongdoings. Rajvant is reassured by Aditya that it’s not like that.

He then informs Rajvant that because he had chosen his dinner attire, he is now repaying the favor by giving him the clothes he had chosen. Rajvant grabs it and changes it inside. Then he emerges. Aditya compliments him on being the most attractive grandpa.

Aditya then assists Rajvant in continuing to prepare. He relates one of his fondest recollections of the two of them from his early years. Aditya is assured by Rajvant that he is in no way angry with him. Aditya informs Rajvant that he is the only one he has.

Even still, Rajvant says to Aditya, he has only him. They embrace one another. Aditya comes downstairs later. Sam says they should go for a stroll together.

Aditya concurs. The reporters decide to approach Aditya after seeing him and telling him that airing this explosive story will undoubtedly increase their television ratings. Sam releases his grip on Aditya’s arm. Sam experiences astonishment and anger.

The journalists are told to enjoy the celebration and Aditya will undoubtedly make the announcement they have been waiting for before he departs. Sam is approached by Shailaja, who advises her to rejoice since Aditya will soon announce her as his bride. Where is Ginni? Supreet wonders.

As she goes, she informs Amber that she will go look for her. Before Ginni awakens, Sam reasons to herself that she has to take action to force Aditya to announce her as his wife. Supreet is taken aback when she discovers Ginni is not in her room. She ponders her whereabouts.

Ginni is asked to awaken by Kushwant’s voice since she has not yet established her innocence. As a result of one of the vases falling, Ginni awakens. Ginni remembers the moment she confronted Sam with the false divorce papers and how she immediately passed out. She scans her wristwatch.

She believes that she has to get to the party venue quickly. She will stop at nothing to preserve the good name and respect of her family. If she doesn’t reveal Sam’s truth before Aditya makes his statement, she will be accused of betraying him and lying. She goes and bangs on the window and door to ask for assistance.

Supreet asks where Ginni is and shouts out for her. Ginni keeps attempting to attract the attention of someone outside but is unsuccessful, so she looks for anything that would enable her to unlock the door. She attempts to take out the box with the picture of Rajvant and Kushwant but misses it and keeps it inside. Sam decides to go see how Ginni is doing.

Ginni flings open the window but is startled at the height. She begs God to assist her. Sam notices Goldie attempting to infiltrate the celebration. She provokes Shailaja, who then informs Preetam about what transpired at Gurleen’s marriage, prompting the latter to go stop Goldie from entering the home.

Sam exhaled in relief.