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Get the written update for the different scene of the darling show Channa Mereya ventilated on Monday, 11 July 2022 on Star Bharat. Ginni Rejects Aditya’s Offer is the moniker of the freshly published episode number S1 E5.


Aditya unexpectedly shows up at the Dhaba, and Ginni is stunned when he suggests buying the business from her. She, however, declines his offer and destroys his cheque.


Darji tells Amber You have obligations I handed you, so fulfill them promptly with regard to Adi. We all applaud Adi. Amber gives him a glare. He is congratulated by Supreet, who adds, “My best wishes are with you.

” Adi goes out. We have girls too, but we won’t receive anything, “Chachi informs Chacha. Gurleen should marry into a wealthy family; then we would be more respected in the home. Adi is consuming alcohol at the bar.

When Darji arrives, he says, “You can share your sorrow with me. ” I’m good, Adi says. Darji fires a shot at him before departing. I don’t need this business, Adi informs Armaan; I have to buy that dhaba at all costs.

That vendor will be forced to sell it to me. Gulabo expresses concern for Goldie and wishes that he would accept responsibility. Don’t worry, Ginni advises. Armaan and Adi make their way there.

When he sees the dhaba, he is reminded of his mother’s creating a similar picture. When Gulabo notices him, he remarks, “That competition guy? ” We have some guests, so she hurries to Ginni and asks her to prepare everything. She meets Adi there.

I wanted to meet your owner, he claims. called Ginni from Gulabo. For him, Ginni provides food. He looks around and is shocked to see her.

They remember their encounter. “Son, eat something,” Gulabo commands. Don’t call me son, Adi insists; I’m Aditya Singh. Ginni claims she is treating you with love and respect.

I’m not here for that, Adi claims. When Ginni sees the 10 lb check, she remarks that our lunch is not that pricey. Adi claims that he wants to sell this dhaba and that it is for your use. We’re all shocked.

My father once said that love should come before all else, and this dhaba is my love, so I have no interest in selling it, Ginni explains as she lays the check down. Adi advises, “Remember that you won’t have the option or status to say no again. As Ginni glares at him and accidently knocks a lantern over, the floor catches fire. While Adi and Ginni exchange angry looks, Gulabo and the others try to fall asleep.

Adi informs Ginni that I will pay 25 lacs, which is far more than the item’s value. He commands Armaan to speak to a rational being. “You won’t earn more than 15 lacs, but we are paying considerably more than that,” Armaan tells Gulabo in a conversation. You have enough money to live comfortably.

When Ginni thinks back to her father’s comments regarding the dhaba, she declares that enough is enough. The value of this dhaba is based on feelings rather than finances. Nobody has the authority to appraise this dhaba, she tells Adi. The servants are instructed by Chachi to make preparations in advance of Chimas’ arrival.

The servant claims that Supreet has already given us instructions. Supreet is informed by Chachi that Amber has already had a defeat party but that this setup is for my daughter’s marriage proposal so that you may relax. Let me take care of the planning. According to Supreet, Amber instructed me to handle all the arrangements because the Chimas are significant to him.

She goes. Chachi informs Chacha that Amber is in charge of everything, but you don’t say anything. Our chief chef, Parvindar, fled because he was afraid of Adi, a servant informs Supreet. What does Chachi say?

When Amber arrives, she claims that Adi is the reason why everything is occurring. He responds with a smile, “You look very gorgeous,” to Supreet. Blushing, she. They lack shame, Chachi mutters.

Chacha is instructed by Amber to call our hotel and request that they arrange for and deliver all of the food. Gulabo is informed by Armaan that we are aware you owe a 3 lac loan because Goldie and your daughter-in-law required 12 lacs to travel to Canada. I’ll offer you Rs. 25 lakhs so you may pay off your debt and start a family.

That’s all you know, Ginni says? She informs Adi that she ought to have learned more about the significance of this dhaba for us. Gulabo is informed by Armaan that it’s important to consider your obligations as well. Ginni declares that it is our problem and that no one asked for assistance.

We will work things out because my family is here with me. Did Adi mention family? Families are groups of people that live together for their own advantage. Don’t you realize, Ginni says, that we don’t want to sell this dhaba?

It is irreplaceable. Adi informs her that everything has a price and offers her a blank check on which she is free to write any amount she desires. Ginni shoots him a look. The Chima family visits Darji’s home.

They all share a seat. Where are my daughters? “Supreet inquires,” Chima’s wife. “In my opinion, there is confusion,” says Chachi.

My children, Gurleen and Manveen, are the only ones who have a Chachi, Supreet. I’m sorry, says Chima’s wife. It’s OK, according to Chachi. Supreet was receiving us with open arms, so we assumed she was the mother, according to Chima’s wife.

I allow Chachi to treat my girls like her own, despite the fact that she claims she doesn’t have any daughters of her own. Supreet is questioned by Chima’s wife as to why she is only using one glove. Supreet can still picture Adi scorching her hand with hot oil. Ginni accepts Adi’s check in full.

He goes to the diya and burns his check, and he grinned, believing she had accepted his offer. She receives a glare from him. My father’s dream dhaba, according to Ginni, is not for sale. Although we will be sold out, you won’t be able to purchase our aspirations. Adi observes.