Channa Mereya 3rd Sep 2022 Written Update β€” Aditya, Ginni Meet the Media

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Let’s enjoy the written update for the sweet section of the impressive TV series Channa Mereya propagated on Saturday, 3rd September 2022 on Star Bharat. Aditya, Ginni Meet the Media is the label of the new episode number S1 E50.


After Sam realises that Aditya has been lying to him, Aditya asks him to leave the home. The Singhs will soon make public their approval of Ginni and Aditya’s relationship in the presence of the media.


In the opening moments of the episode, Ginni is moving away, but Supreet stops her and approaches her. Supreet claims that Aditya only spoke to her about Sam. She intends to leave the home since Aditya made a choice about her and not about her, thus the decision has not yet been made. Ginni seems defenceless. Sam pleads with Aditya to forgive her or else she will commit suicide while holding a knife in her hand.

Everyone is in disbelief. Sam approaches Aditya and is asked to slit her wrist as she had threatened. Sam says nothing. 4 Aditya requests that she do it straight now. She hands him the knife, and he grabs it.

It’s difficult to imagine an honest individual, much less a cheater like her, he says. Then he requests that she leave Sam. Sam implores him to pardon her. Aditya issues a warning to her not to try his patience before threatening to eject her from the home by calling the police. Sam departs the scene in tears.

Marleen notifies the visitors that they are being looked for. To address the problem outdoors, Aditya requests Shailaja and Marleen depart the area. Rajvant summons Ginni and Aditya to see him. He blesses them as he unites their hands. Later, Rajvant informs the reporters and visitors that he is aware that everyone was eager to meet the newest member of his family, who is none other than Ginni Aditya Singh, the wife of his grandson Aditya.

Both Aditya and Ginni are captured in pictures and recordings by the media. Rajvant gestures at the display. Aditya and Ginni’s wedding video is played by Armaan. In the end, Ginni’s face is revealed. Rajvant shows his happiness at welcoming Ginni into Singh’s household.

Then, in order to celebrate, he demands that they both cut the cake together. Armaan brings the cake. Ginni expresses gratitude to Armaan. She is told by Armaan that it is not a huge problem, and he then requests that Ginni and Aditya cut the cake. They both approach the dessert and fix their eyes forward.

Rajvant requests that they cut the cake because he wants to eat it. Aditya picks up the knife and holds it. While Aditya holds the knife, Ginni hesitates. Aditya glances at her, but she keeps her gaze fixed forward. Together, they both cut the cake.

Ginni is asked by a reporter to give Aditya a slice of cake. Ginni complies with her instructions. The cake is then given to Ginni by Aditya. They both look at one another intently. Sam emerges from the home.

She can remember every detail. Then, she tells herself, she will choose how long Ginni will be Mrs. Ginni Aditya Singh. Even though Aditya gave her this name and identity, she won’t forgive Ginni or Aditya for what they did to her. There, Goldie shows up.

Sam walks up to embrace Goldie. She apologises to him for her actions while simultaneously denying his love for her. Goldie embraces her purse. He then wipes away her tears and tells her that she doesn’t need to apologise to him since everyone makes mistakes and is human. Additionally, he assures her that he loves her and doesn’t care whose kid she is carrying in her belly as long as he is the child’s biological father.

Simran embraces him. Aditya and Ginni get there. When Ginni sees her brother with Simran, she is astonished and upset. She can remember every action Simran took. She approaches Simran and Goldie.

When Goldie discovers it, he instructs Simran to wait while he finds Ginni in the middle of nowhere and picks her up. Sam is approached by Aditya, who makes fun of her several aliases and tells her that he never imagined she would degenerate to this level, but he is going to keep a watch on her since he is more aware of her motivations than Goldie is. He begs her to remember this as his warning that if she did something, he wouldn’t spare her. Sam says nothing at all. Ginni, on the other hand, convinces Goldie not to accept Simran since he only cares about her.

Goldie informs her that although he knows Simran has made a lot of errors, he still plans to give her another opportunity since he loves her so much. Ginni begs him to refrain from doing this because Simran will kill him. Goldie assures her that he and his love will make Simran into a nice person and refuses to heed her advice. He begs her not to worry about it since he has faith. He then counsels Ginni to look after herself going forward and to maintain her new connection.

Ginni seems defenceless. Before she can say anything, they both overhear Aditya telling Sam to go immediately, at which point Goldie takes Simran with him. While Aditya and Ginni are unaware of her decision to back off at this time, Sam thinks to herself that they would be destroyed upon her return for what they have both done to her. Sam turns to gaze at Aditya and Ginni. Aditya and Ginni exchange glances.

After Gulraj, in particular, visited their home and begged them not to treat her daughter unfairly, Rajvant later shared with everyone how powerless he felt and what he intended to do. But now that Aditya has accomplished what he was incapable of achieving, he is delighted and proud. Aditya and Ginni are then both blessed by him.