Channa Mereya 6th September 2022 Written Update β€” Ginni’s Promise to Rajvanth

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Explore the written update for the recent installment of the enticing TV program Channa Mereya pronounced on Tuesday, 6th September 2022. Ginni’s Promise to Rajvanth is the tag of the most modern episode number S1 E52.


Channa Mereya 6 Sep 2022 Episode Information
Episode No: S1 E52
Title: Ginni’s Promise to Rajvanth
Description Ginni is given the duty of the home by Rajvanth before he leaves on his journey. In a different part of the story, Aditya asks Ginni about the recent change in the decision.


They overheard Ginni telling herself at the start of the episode that she was going to sleep on the couch and that when Aditya woke up, he was going to sleep on the bed by himself. Goldie informs Gulraj that she knows he is foolish, but that he never once claimed that he would go down. Gulraj then reprimands Goldie for allowing Sam to come home. After that, she orders Goldie to enter the house alone or else tells him to leave and go somewhere else. Gulraj chides Sam by telling him what else he will have to go through if he brings Goldie home and asks him to come inside alone.

He reminds Goldie of everything that Sam had done, not only with them but also with Aditya, but Sam had forgotten about it all. Gulraj also tells Sam what else he will have to go through if he brings Goldie home. Goldie refuses. Then he adds that he is pleased for Ginni, but what about him since he is also her son, and what about his happiness, and he explains that he is happy for her? Gulraj is uninterested in what he has to say and orders him to either come inside alone or leave her home immediately.

Sam tells Goldie that they need to seek refuge in a different location. When Gulraj hears that, she becomes enraged, and as a result, she slams the door in both of their faces. Goldie begs Sam not to get upset or angry because of Gulraj’s statements, since Goldie herself is now unhappy and furious. Sam had the thought running through her head that she would spare no one who was following her under these circumstances. Shailaja’s husband arrived home after returning from a business trip.

He reveals to her that Rajvant has been keeping him informed about everything that has been going on in this home and that he is relieved that Aditya has finally chosen Ginni to be his life partner. She informs him she doesn’t want Aditya and Ginni to complete their marriage because if that occurs, she knows she won’t have any respect in this home. Shailaja tells him she doesn’t want them to. She continues by saying that if they complete their marriage, it would signify that Ginni married Aditya in order to live a lavish lifestyle. Her husband confronts her with the question of why she is speaking in such a manner and tells her to desist from monitoring Aditya and Ginni’s lives since they have no control over it.

Shailaja tells her she is going to find out whether they both consummated their marriage and then take him with her. She tells him she is going to find out whether they both consummated their marriage. The sunlight that enters the room via the gaps in the drapes rouses Aditya from his sleep, which prevents them from covering the window entirely. When Aditya sees Ginny sitting on the couch, he is taken aback. He is staring at her intently.

Ginni finally opens her eyes and is jolted awake by the realisation that Aditya is looking at her. She informs him that he fell on the ground, and then she covers him with a comforter before deciding to sleep on the couch herself. This is so that when he wakes up, he may walk to the bed and sleep there. After such a long time, Aditya says that he finally had a restful sleep. Both of them are staring at one another.

In the background, you can hear Channa Mereya playing. They both recognise the sound of someone banging on the door. After opening the door, Aditya and Ginni looked out and saw Shailaja and her husband standing outside the room. Ginni and Aditya pay their respects to Aditya’s uncle. Aditya is curious about the business trip that his uncle took.

They are informed by Shailaja that Rajvant will invite both of them for breakfast. Aditya assures her that they will both arrive shortly when they have had a chance to clean up, and then he enters the room, but he leaves the door to the room open. When Shailaja finds out that Aditya and Ginni slept in separate beds, she is overjoyed, and she tells her husband about her happiness. Her husband reprimands her and then sits down to eat with the both of them. In the dining room, Rajvant informs his cook that from this point forward, they should always provide the best possible cuisine since both his grandson and his wife are renowned chefs.

Shailaja and her husband welcome Rajvant. When Supreet arrived, she questioned him about who he was reprimanding and the actions that they had taken. Rajvant asserts that this is not the case at all. Aditya and Ginni go to that location in order to get Rajvant’s blessings. After that, he informs them that he has something important to share with everyone.

Rajvant hears from Aditya and Ginni, who both state that they have something important to share with him. Everyone in the room is staring eagerly in his direction. Both of them are required to sit beside Rajvant. The next thing he says is that now that Aditya has returned home and he is happily married, he intends to embark on a pilgrimage, which is something he has been planning for a long time, and then he will come back home after being gone for a month. Both Aditya and Ginni were taken aback by the news.

Amber is curious about the motivation behind his desire to go there and remain there for a month. Rajvant tells him he wants to do it. After that, he tells Aditya that he wants Aditya to take over the business obligations of their family company, and he offers Amber that she hand over all of the tasks to Aditya. Aditya confides in Rajvant that he does not believe the latter is prepared for all of this. Rajvant tries to persuade him to accept his request by arguing that there is no such thing as an inappropriate or inappropriate moment.

After that, he requests Ginni to look after his loved ones in the best way possible. Supreet acknowledges that Ginni is correct in her assertion that since she is a member of a family, it is necessary for her to accept this additional duty. Amber is taken aback, but he tries to reassure her that she can handle the duties of looking after other members of the family. Ginni hesitates. Ginni is taken away by Rajvant after he tells her that he needs some time to speak with her in private.

While he is speaking to her about Aditya’s indescribable emotions, he becomes upset and begs her to look after Aditya and be there for him. He then asks her to take excellent care of Aditya. Much to Rajvant’s delight, Ginni assures him that this will not change. Aditya gives Rajvant a call and inquires about the nature of their conversation with him. Aditya explains that they would inform him after he had returned from his journey.

They embrace one another in close quarters. Later on, Aditya and Ginni got into a fight over how neither of them informed Rajvant about their choice to separate ways from one another. Ginni tells Aditya that she does not have any interest in getting married at this time. Aditya informs them that they have to wait a month and that the day Rajvant comes home will be the final day of their married life together. Until then, he wants her to quit smothering him by behaving as if she were his wife.

After that, they both joined hands to shake one another’s. Aditya is taken aback after discovering that Aditya’s fever has climbed; however, before she can say anything, Aditya informs her that he will take care of himself and then departs the location.