Channa Mereya 8th September 2022 Written Update β€” Aditya Opens Up to Ginni

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Let’s experience the written update for today’s webisode of the excellent TV program Channa Mereya brought on Thursday, 8th September 2022. Aditya Opens Up to Ginni is the tag of the ahead-of-the-game episode number S1 E54.


Channa Mereya 8 Sep 2022 Episode Information
Episode No: S1 E54
Title: Aditya Opens Up to Ginni
Summary Ginni hears from an enraged Aditya about all of the reasons he detests Supreet. When he thinks back on Gurkeerat’s ordeals in the past, he becomes overcome with emotion.


Aditya asks Ginni whether she had complete proof that he had to drink a soup made by his mother and that with the woman who is the cause of his mother’s death. Ginni inquires how Supreet came to be the cause of Gurkeerat’s death. Aditya brings her out and urges her to listen to him, explaining that he had both of his parents until Supreet joined their lives. His parents began to argue with one another.

Amber and Gurkeerat may be seen bickering on Facebook. Aditya continues to tell Ginni that his mother used to be always happy, but she eventually stopped being happy. He then claims that everyone began talking about Amber and Supreet’s affair, which caused Gurkeerat to be depressed all of the time. Amber then brought Supreet home one day.

The evidence is on Facebook. Amber and Supreet enter the home together, holding hands. When Gurkeerat sees them, she loses her temper, grabs the knife, and threatens to murder Supreet. Gurkeerat is stopped from approaching Supreet by Amber.

He forces her to drop the knife. Supreet leaves the place. Gurkeerat follows her, and Amber follows them both. The FB is over.

Aditya informs Ginni it was the last time he saw his mother, and when she was returned, all that remained was her corpse. The Facebook video shows Gurkeerat’s corpse being dragged inside the residence. Aditya arrives and sobs. By putting Gurkeerat’s dead hand in his, he begs her to wake up.

Shailaja calms him down. The FB is over. Aditya tells Ginni that he doesn’t know what she’s gaining by allowing him to travel down memory lane, which adds to his anguish. Still, he doesn’t want to go through this again and again, so he begs Ginni to stop.

He also informs her that she will remain with them for a month before asking her to keep away from him and cease behaving like his wife, hoping that he would accept her as his wife, which will never happen. He then offers Ginni one more warning before leaving. Ginni remembers the events around Aditya and Supreet. She then expresses her understanding of why Aditya hates both Amber and Supreet.

She suddenly loses her balance and is on the verge of falling, but Supreet stops her. She then warns Ginni to be careful where she goes, or she will suffer the most. Ginni explains to Supreet why Aditya hates her the most. He told her everything in rage.

Supreet assures Ginni that Aditya knows where he belongs. She then shares her side of the tale with Ginni. She claims to be the family’s elder and is responsible for her family. She anticipated meeting someone with whom she could share her load; instead, she met Amber.

Amber was constantly stressed, so she tried to help him, but she had no idea when they both fell in love. She also discusses how she holds herself responsible for Gurkeerat’s death. She also tells Ginni that she wanted to be Aditya’s mother, which is why she married Amber after Gurkeerat died. She worked hard to become Aditya’s mother, but he refused to accept her despite her efforts.

She wipes her tears away and begs Ginni to look after Aditya. They both depart the location. Shailaja mocks Ginni and Supreet after overhearing their chats. She becomes resolved to do anything that would cause a misunderstanding between Supreet and Ginni so that she may live her life calmly by displaying all of her rights.

Shailaja shouts later. Marleen, Ginni, and Supreet run to the kitchen as they hear her. They discover her on the floor. Shailaja plays out her grief and conveys it to them.

Ginni and Marleen decide to assist Shailaja. Shailaja denies Ginni’s assistance. She then inquires about who brought the grindstone here, which caused her to fall and injure herself. Ginni informs her that she brought it because using a grindstone to produce masala would give the dish a distinct flavor.

Shailaja accuses her of attempting to murder her. Ginni apologizes, but Shailaja begins to criticize her. Ginni is then directed to return the grindstone. Ginni attempts to explain things to Shailaja, but she refuses to listen.

She orders her to chuck the grindstone because she does not want such cheap items in her home. Ginni informs Shailaja that she is going to build a Kada for Aditya and that she would make one for herself as well, and she recalls her father’s remarks, who used to appreciate the impact of this Kada. Shailaja rejects Ginni’s offer. Ginni attempts to assist her standing, but Shailaja becomes enraged and snatches her footwear to punch her.

Supreet approaches Shailaja and inquires as to what she is doing. She tells her that Ginni is a family member and has every right to retain the grindstone in this home. Shailaja mocks Ginni and informs Supreet that family members did not accept Ginni as a family member; hence Ginni has no rights. Supreet informs Ginni that Rajvant has accepted Ginni as his daughter-in-law, which is more than enough, and asks Ginni if she wants the grindstone.

Ginni nods in agreement. Supreet asks her to keep it and to make Kada for Aditya. Ginni agrees. Shailaja is enraged.

Aditya dreams about playing hide and seek with his mother, Gurkeerat. He wakes up and sobs, claiming she lied to him about always being able to locate her. Ginni walks into the room. Aditya scolds her and instructs her to enter the room after knocking.

Ginni declines and then requests Kada. Aditya promises her he won’t, but she puts a spoon of Kada in his mouth while he’s scolding her. Aditya gets shocked. Ginni apologizes before thanking him for eating the Kada.

She then tells him she is not frightened of him since he is broken on the inside, but strives to convince everyone that he is a strong guy, then smiles at him and exits the room. Aditya observes.