Channa Mereya 9th September 2022 Written Update β€” Ginni Receives a Good News

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Get to read the written update for the newest section of the absorbing serial Channa Mereya promulgated on Friday, 9th September 2022. Ginni Receives a Good News is the headline of the freshly published episode number S1 E55.


Channa Mereya 9 Sep 2022 Episode Information
Episode No: S1 E55
Title: Ginni Receives a Good News
Summary After a significant amount of time has passed, Ginni and Gulabo have an emotional conversation. Ginni discovers later that she can obtain her father’s diary from his partner.


The show’s first scene consists of Ginnie gazing at images of her family members on her phone and feeling homesick for them. She wished one month had passed quickly so she could return to them. Marleen and her mother are unwinding in the hallway while wearing face sheet masks for relaxation. It is there that Gulraj intends to meet Ginni.

Marleen’s mom sees Gulraj and pretends not to notice her. Gulraj welcomes Marleen’s mum. The latter insults her by giving her money. Later, she tells her maid Rani that she mistook Gulraj for another person since their scents are similar.

She gives Gini the task of purchasing a fragrance for Gulraj. Marleen’s mother provides her with an appropriate response, infuriating her and her mother. The prospect of meeting Gulraj causes Gini to have strong feelings. She sobs into her shoulder and tells her that she has been missing her and the rest of the family.

Gulraj reveals that she is missing her and inquires about her state of health. Ginni reassures her that everything is going to be well. Ginni asks about how Simran is doing. According to Gulraj, she kicked Simran and Goldie out of the home and drove them away.

Ginni has some questions about the Dhaba. Gulraj reveals that she discovered that her father had a business partner and that Ginni might get her father’s diaries from that partner. Gulraj received this information from her mother. In the sentence, she also mentions that her dad’s business partner is a wealthy individual.

Ginni is pleased to learn this and becomes resolved to discover the name of her father’s business partner as well as the whereabouts of his journal. Amber goes back to her house. Amber is deterred by Marleen’s mother, who also stirs him up against Supreet. Amber’s mom, Marleen, shared with her that Supreet had disclosed to Ginni all there was to know about their family history, including the fact that she was under strict instructions not to discuss it with anybody else.

Amber gets angry after hearing this. Amber enters the room and yells at Supreet, telling him to tell Ginni all there is to know about their family. He takes off his belt so that he may beat her. Supreet locks the door to the room so that no one else can see or hear what is going on.

When Aditya is asleep, he rolls onto his side, and Ginni’s hand becomes caught in the space between his hands. She sits close by, waiting for him to change his position again. She checks his temperature and feels relief when she sees that his fever has begun to break. When she thinks about his remarks, she starts to feel down.

She expresses her regret to Arjun for having had the impression that he was a cold-hearted person. She makes a pact with herself that throughout her one-month stay in that residence, she would bring back Aditya’s simile. She offers her prayers to God on his behalf. In a Facebook post, Amber is seen carrying the diary that belonged to Kushwant.

A Facebook post shows Amber looking at a picture of Kushwant and Rajwant together, after which she stole Kushwant’s journal. He spouts his disdain for Ginni, whom he believes has the potential to bring disaster to his family. The following day, Ginni is jolted out of her slumber by the alarm on Aditya’s phone. She realizes that Aditya is still dozing off.

She makes it a point to switch off the alarm so it won’t wake up Aditya in the middle of the night. During this process, Ginny’s hair becomes entangled in the button of Aditya’s shirt. She makes an effort to get rid of it. Aditya rouses himself from his slumber.

He is taken aback to see Ginni standing so near to him, and he stares at her in bewilderment. Ginni expresses her regrets, stating that her hair became entangled. Aditya is there to assist her in removing it.