Channa Mereya 12th September 2022 Written Update β€” Amber Gets Scared

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Amber is shaken up after listening in on a chat between Ginni and Mrs. Randhawa over Khushwant’s business partner. Ginni and Aditya have some passionate moments together as they spend time together.


Get to read the written update for the new chapter of the gratifying telecast Channa Mereya delivered on Monday, 12th September 2022. Amber Gets Scared is the name of the newly published episode number S1 E57.


Aditya blows off the masala from Ginni’s eyes to begin the show. Shailaja is outside and is seeing this. Ginni acknowledges her. Before helping her create her masala, Aditya asks her to cleanse her eyes.

Ginni says she’s gotten accustomed to it, so everything is OK. Aditya makes fun of her, stating he doesn’t care how often masala has gone into her eyes in the past. He further inquires why she is using a grindstone instead of a grinder. According to Ginni, using a grindstone to make masala gives meals a distinctive flavor.

Aditya dismisses it as garbage, but Ginni instructs her to grind it on her own so that he may learn more. Aditya says it’s not a huge problem and begins grinding the masala after agreeing with Ginni’s remarks. Shailaja becomes agitated and leaves the area. Ginni laughs at Aditya because she notices how he is misusing the grindstone.

Aditya inquires as to what is wrong. Aditya is informed by Ginni that there is a proper way to utilize the grinding stone. Aditya begins pulverizing the masala as she instructs. Together, they grind the masala.

While grinding the masala, Aditya and Ginni exchange longing glances. Aditya averts his gaze. Ginni requests that he smell the masala and inform her whether she is correct or not. Ginni is pleased because Aditya smells the masala and determines it is genuine.

Then he instructs her to wash her eyes. When Ginni gets a call, she instructs Aditya to prepare the masala, telling him to till she returns and leaves the area. Aditya smiles as a result of Ginni’s remarks. After witnessing how the masala damaged his pants, Aditya becomes irritated but continues to make masala.

Ginni responds to Mrs. Randhawa’s summons by entering the living room. She is congratulated on her marriage by Mrs. Randhwa.

She continues by saying that Gulraj has advised her that she has to speak with her about something crucial. Ginni replies “yes” and inquires about her knowledge of her father’s diaries. Ginni’s phone talk startles Amber as she descends, and he freezes in his tracks. Mrs.

Randhawa is informed by Ginni that the diary is crucial to her and that she must do whatever it takes to locate it. Ginni is informed about her father’s business partner by Mrs. Randhawa. Ginni explains that while her father used to be quite open with her, he somehow managed to forget to inform her about his lover.

She then inquires as to whether she is aware of Kushwant’s relationship. Mrs. Randhawa informs Ginni that she doesn’t know, but she will attempt to remember her chat with her father about his partner and ask her husband. As she hangs up, Ginni thanks the caller.

Amber fears It will wreck all if Ginni learns anything about the diaries or his father’s business partner. When Ginni turns around, she is shocked to discover Amber there. Amber displays signs of annoyance with the absence of a housekeeper to assist him in obtaining a drink of water. He requests water over the phone from Ginni.

Ginni gives him water in return. Amber sips it and inquires as to her concern. Ginni contests that everything is OK. Amber pretends to be Rajvant and tells her that even if he isn’t Rajvant, she can still talk to him about anything that’s upsetting her since she is Aditya’s wife and family member.

Ginni’s assurance that everything is alright prompts Amber to ask about his connection with Aditya from Ginni. He tells her that he truly loves Aditya but that their relationship is difficult because of his lack of expressiveness. However, this does not imply that anyone related to Aditya has no significance in his life. He encourages her to tell him anything bothering her and places his hand on her head.

Ginni experiences emotion. Ginni informs Amber that he brought up her late father. She goes on to describe how her father often sought out unusual and delectable things to prepare, noting them in a journal whenever he did. He loves to cook; thus, she only learned about cooking from him.

She continues by stating that their dhaba may be forced to shut, something she does not want to happen. The only thing that might prevent this is her father’s journal, but they are unsure of its whereabouts due to her father’s memory loss and untimely death. She then informs him about her father’s business partner and adds that to get the journal, she must either locate the business partner or the diary. Amber remembers that he had locked the journal in a room in the home and that it was now with him.

He then decides that he has to prevent Ginni from finding out about her father’s business partner and the journal, so he pretends to know something is upsetting her at the same time while she is talking to someone on the phone. Then he gives her advice, telling her that the journal is only a piece of paper and that because she is the most gifted person, she should stop spending time looking for the diary. She needs to focus on enhancing the dhaba. Ginni is taken aback by Amber’s remarks.

She then informs him that while she respects him and what he has to say, she would go to any lengths to recover the journal since it is her pride. Ginni’s tenacity annoys Amber, but he manages to mask it with a grin. He then requests her to keep this journal private and let him know if she needs assistance. Ginni concurs.

Amber departs the location. Aditya tells her that the masalas are ready. When he discovers Ginni sneezing, he offers her brandy, but she declines. Ginni gets the drink after Aditya makes fun of her.

Aditya departs the location. The employee advises Ginni to prepare for the event Supreet wants to take her to. Ginni agrees. Later, Aditya and Armaan have a phone discussion.

Then he goes looking for Ginni. He discovers her sensually dancing in the rain. Seeing her mesmerizes him. Afterward, he approaches her and motions for her to enter, but Ginni ignores him and dances away. She then falls unconscious. Aditya approaches the chamber while carrying her in his arms.