Channa Mereya 13th September 2022 Written Update β€” Ginni Unearths the Truth

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When Ginni finds out what occurred the night before, she regrets suspecting Aditya. He gives her a priceless jewelry afterwards.


Let’s experience the written update for the newly released section of the beautiful show Channa Mereya delivered on Tuesday, 13th September 2022. Ginni Unearths the Truth is the label of the recent episode number S1 E58.


The first scene of the episode is Ginni waking up in the morning. She gets up and finds herself wearing new attire. She then thinks back to the night before. There, Aditya shows up.

They both look at one other intently. Aditya goes to get his belongings out of his cabinet. He is approached by Ginni, who questions him about changing her clothing. Aditya observes her but says nothing.

He is convinced to disclose the truth to Ginni. She becomes irritated. Aditya explained that she had to change clothes since her clothing was damp, and he didn’t want her to become sick. Ginni questions him about why nothing occurred after he merely changed his clothing.

Aditya scolds her for having such low standards of him and becomes irritated and enraged. Ginni begins questioning him and accusing him of being the cause of her antics from the previous evening. Aditya reminds her that he requested she take brandy as medication. It was her error since he never requested that she drink the whole bottle.

The whole family is incapable of handling alcohol, he adds. Ginni complains to Aditya that he imprisoned her the night before in this way. Aditya takes a deep breath and apologizes to Ginni for all the errors he made, including giving her a drink to help her get over her cold and helping her change her wet clothes so that she wouldn’t get one. He then puts his clothes on the bed and leaves the room.

Ginni yells. Shailaja appears and chastises Ginni for her actions the night before. She then demands gratitude and claims she changed into new clothing at Aditya’s request. Ginni expresses her relief to Shailaja.

The latter walks away. Ginni explains why Aditya is needlessly changing the subject to a question asked to him, confusing everyone in the process. As he travels, Aditya reminds himself that Ginni has issues with everything he does and that he should put everything on hold to assist her first. Aditya is informed by Marleen that Shailaja is correct because Ginni and her family do unneeded things and blame them for obtaining what they want.

She also shows him the video of Ginni puncturing Akash’s cycle. Aditya sends Marleen a message stating that he would take care of this situation after remembering his talk with Ginni regarding Akash. Amber examines Kushwant’s journal. He tells himself that he understands why Rajvant has kept this diary locked all this time; he felt responsible for Kushwant’s condition.

However, he also knows that if they keep this diary around any longer, Ginni may learn the truth, and she will undoubtedly demand a share of their business or property, which he won’t allow. As a result, he has planned to destroy the diary. Shailaja arrives and queries Amber about why he seems afraid upon seeing her. Amber conceals the journal and tries to smile.

Shailaja asks him what is in the journal he keeps from her after taking it in her hand. Amber grabs it from her as she attempts to open it and yells at her before leaving the room. Shailaja becomes adamant about discovering the diary’s hidden meaning. In the kitchen, Ginni cooks pickles.

Ginni turns around just as Aditya arrives, ruining his outfit with the pickle-covered handprint on Ginni. Each of them accuses the other. Ginni makes fun of Aditya’s hand strength. Despite his warnings, Aditya questions her about why she continues meddling in his personal life and family affairs.

When Ginni becomes perplexed, she advises Aditya to quarrel with her if doing so would make him happy but cautions him from doing so at the expense of confusing her. She moves on to wash her hands after that. Aditya approaches her from behind and asks her why she punctured Akash’s bicycle. The first to be startled is Ginni.

She then explains why she did what she did and claims that as a result of what she had done the day before, Akash embraced and thanked her. Her actions and falsehood, according to Aditya, are what caused everything to happen. Ginni speaks out once again. Ginni asserts that nobody can stop her or hold her back.

Aditya grabs both of her hands and informs her that she is now in his custody. They both look at one other intently. Ginni dupes Aditya into believing Rajvant is there, and when Ginni complains that Aditya is bothering her, Aditya releases her hand. No one can control Ginni, and she chuckles since she is like free air that can go anywhere anytime.

Meet Aditya’s uncle. His uncle commends him for standing up for Akash the day before. Aditya claims that he would have stood up for anybody in the situation since wrong is wrong and would undoubtedly speak out against it. Then, his uncle discusses Ginni.

He compliments her, noting that despite all that had transpired in this home, she had been there for Aditya when he was sick and had promised Rajvant that she would care for the family until he returned. She was determined to keep her commitment to Rajvant by caring for the family members. Aditya is fortunate to have Ginni as a spouse. Aditya informs his uncle that he would pay back the benefits that Ginni had done for him by contrasting marriage with business.

Aditya rejects his uncle’s efforts to convince him that marriage is different from business and exits the room. Gulraj is delighted to see clients at the dhaba after a long time. She requests that Santu teach Simran how to cook as well. The clients are well-cared-for by Goldie.

Customers complain about the food that is provided to them. They all go, upsetting and depressing Gulraj. Ginni decides to contact Gulraj, but Aditya arrives and hands her a package, instructing her to open it. Ginni is taken aback when she sees a piece of expensive jewelry.

She states that she does not desire this. Aditya requests that she see this as her present to herself or as compensation for all the ways she helped him. Ginni becomes enraged and yells at him, telling him she didn’t aid him in the hopes of getting all of this. Aditya begs her to tell him exactly what makes her happy so that he may provide it to her. Ginni advises him to learn about this on his own. They both exchange glances.