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Let’s enjoy the written update for the up-to-the-minute installment of the enjoyable telecast Channa Mereya promulgated on Tuesday, 12 July 2022 on Star Bharat. Ginni Stays Adamant is the pseudonym of the newly discovered episode number S1 E6.


Aditya is advised to keep away from Ginni’s family since she is determined to save the Dhaba. Aditya becomes enraged after being asked to get married as part of a contract.


Ginni requests that Adi go. Don’t behave badly, advises Gulabo. Adi says it’s okay; just phone me after you get off your horse. Gulabo accepts his card once he hands it to him.

Ginni claims that there is still food on your account. Adi hands her some cash along with a tip, but Ginni returns the favour and adds, “We only accept payment for the meal we serve. ” Adi pays for her drink and declares that they are now equals before leaving with Armaan. Ginni is asked by Goldi to consider it.

Gulabo claims that your response was inappropriate. We live at this dhaba, according to Ginni. When Chachi enters Gurleen’s room, she is found to be unresponsive. She calls the doctor since she claims Chima’s family won’t be able to learn about this.

Adi assures Armaan that the girl will agree quickly, so I don’t need to worry. Where is the food? asks Chacha when she calls the motel. Send it quickly.

When Adi runs into a girl on the way home, she grins at him. Darji claims to have recently flown in from Canada. Namneet, Chima’s mother, observes her daughter grinning at Adi. She requests that Gurleen be brought there.

Chachi claims that she is still preparing. Amber advises Chima that this suggestion should be used to grow our empire. Adi shook his head and wondered where Gurleen was. Why were you entertaining that man?

“Ginni yells at Gulabo. We have a lot of duties, “according to Gulabo. If you’re worried about me, Ginni says, sell me off rather than this dhaba. This dhaba is like my child too.

I’m angry at everything, but I don’t know what to do. Gulabo yells at her, telling her to stop. Don’t worry about anything, Ginni advises; God will take care of us, and when the time is right, I’ll get married. She hugs her and expresses concern.

Chachi and Darji enter Gurleen’s bedroom. Gurleen is urged to get up by Darji. He claims we can no longer halt Chimas. She receives a medicinal doze from Chachi.

Even though Chacha is waiting for meals, the servant brings them from Adi’s car. Maybe he set it up, says Chacha. When Adi tries to go, Farnaz grabs his hand and says, “I can come with you. ” Why don’t you show her the house, Supreet suggests?

While glaring at her, Adi nods. He accepts Farnaz’s hand but declines to take it. He travels with Farnaz. Chacha appears and announces the presence of food.

You’ll like that, Amber adds; it’s from our hotel. Ginni remembers Adi’s statement that they require cash. When Goldie arrives, his hand has been burned. What happened, she asks?

She puts medication on his hand. According to Goldie, Jagga’s guys were responsible. Why don’t you take that man up on his offer? We will wed you after we have repaid our loan.

Ginni claims that I will discover a method so that we don’t have to sell our dhaba. According to Goldie, you will be held accountable for anything that happens to me. Amber is told by Chimas that the food is great as they consume it. Supreet promises to send the head chef your way.

When Gurleen awakens, Chachi feels relieved. While strolling alongside Adi, Farnaz comments, “You must be an incredible cook. ” I’m a cook, as Adi claims. When Farnaz suggests that I show you around the city, she approaches him and says, “Try me.” Adi retreats. Darji is informed by Chacha that everyone enjoyed the hotel food. After tasting the dish, Darji questions, “Why do I feel like I’ve eaten this before? ” Gurleen welcomes everyone after Chachi takes her there.

Adi questions why she seems frail. The son of Chima enjoys Gurleen. Nami claims that my proposition is finished; all I need to do is locate Farnaz, a good boy. According to Supreet, you have a boy in front of you. Yes, according to Amber, this is a full bundle. Supreet claims he is a returnee from Canada and a good match for Farnaz. Adi, who is enraged, tries to escape but is stopped by Darji.