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As Ginni searches high and low, she is unable to find Khushwant’s journal, which causes her frustration. As Aditya is trying to be helpful, he makes a mess for himself by spilling flour all over himself. After some while, Amber decides to follow Ginni.


Explore the written update for the up-to-date scene of the compelling show Channa Mereya released on Thursday, 15th September 2022. Ginni, Aditya Quarrel is the tag of the ahead-of-the-game episode number S1 E60.


Aditya opens the episode by asking Ginni to share her concerns with him. Ginni attempts to leave after saying she doesn’t want to inform him. Aditya begs Ginni to explain the situation to him so that he may assist him. Ginni informs him that she is unable to pay his fees and does not want his assistance. She asks Aditya why he was talking about assisting her, and he explains that he was talking about expenses.

Ginni mocks him, asking, “So this is how he operates, right? ” Ginni is urged by Aditya not to make a drama out of nothing. Ginni replies that she isn’t making anything of the such. In the meanwhile, Amber flags down his chauffeur and enters the vehicle to seek for the journal with the intention of placing shagun inside each candy container. He is astonished when he cannot locate the diary.

Aditya pursues Ginni in this situation and convinces her to reveal the issue she is having. Ginni stays mute and refuses to inform him. He is the one who urged her to stop behaving like his wife, therefore she also asked him to stop acting like his husband. Aditya argues in his defence that by causing such a spectacle, she is behaving more like a wife than a spouse. They argue with each other.

Aditya and Ginni’s fight is not visible to Amber when she enters the home. Shailaja brings four candy boxes into her room, one of which contains Kushwant’s journal. She claims that because she sent the sweet boxes the temple so needed, it is okay for her to take as much as she wants to her chamber. She then begins eating the candy. Ginni and Aditya In the kitchen walks Ginni.

When Aditya opens the box rather than sealing it, Ginni makes fun of him by telling him to understand the fundamentals of helping by pointing out which portion of the person he wishes to assist needs assistance. Ginni chooses to go. Aditya aggressively shuts the kitchen cabinet after becoming irate. Aditya is struck by the flour box that was placed inside the cabinet as it opens. Upon viewing Aditya’s condition, Ginni chuckles.

Aditya approaches her furiously and brushes off the flour, causing Ginni to also have flour inside of her. Ginni is startled. Aditya attempts to leave the area but loses his balance. Ginni intervenes just in time to save him from falling. They are locked in an eye contact.

Ginni is in the kitchen later. Mrs. Randhawa calls her and introduces herself. She asks her to meet her at the dhaba right away so they may discuss matters pertaining to her father. Ginni and Mrs.

Randhawa arrange to meet in the dhaba. Amber overhears the discussion and assumes Ginni is speaking to the person she spoke to the day before. Additionally, he realises that Ginni is talking to someone who knows something about him, and he has to identify that person. Gulraj confronts Goldie and Simran inside the dhaba for violating their own customs by purchasing noodles for the establishment. Chinese noodles can only help them draw in consumers, according to Simran, who explains that they need them.

She receives a look from Gulraj, but she sees Mrs. Randhawa there before she can respond. Mrs. Randhawa is questioned about her unexpected visit. She is informed by Mrs.

Randhawa that Ginni phoned. Gulraj reacts with astonishment and shock. She offers Mrs. Randhawa a glass of water and begs her to wait till Ginni comes. After that, she advises Goldie and Simran to conceal the packages of noodles before Ginni arrives.

Simran informs Gulraj that she is prepared to conceal the noodles packets provided she lets both of them remain at her home. Gulraj becomes enraged but explains that because of her helplessness, she must accept her situation. He then asks Goldie and Simran to leave the area before Ginni arrives. They each grab a bag of noodles. There, Ginni shows up.

Seeing the dhaba makes her cry. Before Ginni could see them, Goldie and Simran left the dhaba. Ginni starts to ask Gulraj a question regarding the dhaba, but Gulraj cuts her off by changing the subject by indicating that Mrs. Randhawa is waiting for her. She is greeted by Ginni, who also appreciates her willingness to meet.

She then asks about Mrs. Randhawa’s business partner. When Amber enters the dhaba, she finds Mrs. Randhawa there with Ginni and Gulraj. He remembers meeting Kushwant, who gave him Mrs.

Randhawa’s introduction. He becomes anxious. If Ginni sees her father’s partner again, Mrs. Randhawa promises to assist her without a doubt. Ginni and Gulraj get optimistic.

Amber hears what is being said. His phone begins to ring. The sound is audible to Ginni and the other two. Ginni goes to investigate. Amber goes into hiding.

Ginni goes to Mrs. Randhawa and Gulraj after missing Amber. Amber understands that Ginni doesn’t know who her father’s claimed business partner is and that he has to take action before she can locate him. To make it seem as if the individual went to take goods without forethought, he phones someone and begs him to hurt the target person. The individual answering the phone complies.

Ginni informs the perpetrator that their terrible luck has begun. Before opening another box, Shailaja compliments the candies and chooses to get another one. When Marleen arrives, she informs Supreet that she needs to speak with her about something linked to the candy boxes. Shailaja conceals the candy boxes and worries that Supreet may have discovered she brought four boxes with her, but she still follows Marleen outside. Mrs.

Randhawa consents to inform Ginni of everything pertaining to her father. Ginni visits the Singhs’ home. She questions why Kushwant kept Gulraj and her in the dark about his business partner. There, Amber shows up. In addition to acting and asking Ginni where she went, he also requests that she bring the automobile.

Ginni informs him that she visited a dhaba. Amber calls attention to the woman’s troubled expression and queries if she is still considering her father’s journal. Yes, Ginni nods. Amber explains that even though he lost his grandmother’s ring on that day, he still feels empty within and can fully comprehend what she is going through. Then he offers to assist her in locating her father’s diaries and invites her to get in touch with him at any moment.

When Ginni explains that she needs his assistance, she also inquires about his acquaintances with any skilled draughtsmen. Astounded, Amber is watching.