Channa Mereya 19th Sep Written Update β€” Bad News for Aditya

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Ginni is rushed to the hospital by Aditya, but the attending physician informs him that she is not responding to the therapy. In another part of the story, Amber becomes outraged at the gunman for aiming for Aditya.


Let’s experience the written update for the funky scene of the groovy serial Channa Mereya reported on Monday, 19th September 2022. Bad News for Aditya is the moniker of the ultra-modern episode number S1 E63.


Ginni gets shot at the beginning of the episode and goes down without a fight. Ginni and the Grewal family look on in horror as Aditya yells something. Gulraj’s name is yelled by Gulraj, who then runs to meet her. Aditya begs Ginni to open her eyes and requests a drink of water.

Amber stands back and observes. Bringing a drink of water is dimpy. Aditya asks Armaan to dial the ambulance. Armaan does so.

Aditya is begged by Gulraj to rescue Ginni. Aditya thinks back to Ginni’s remarks about how his family would stick by him and never let him experience misery. Gulraj yells at Aditya to take action. Because no one answers the phone, Armaan becomes irate.

Aditya is invited to accompany him, and he enters the vehicle. Aditya is holding Ginni while Gulraj suddenly loses consciousness. Aditya is urged by Shampy to take Ginni to the hospital, where they would take care of Gulraj, Shampy claims. Aditya enters the vehicle.

He exhorts Armaan to start the engine. The automobile won’t start, which aggravates Armaan. Aditya begs Ginni to speak to him, claiming that she never stays silent. He is teased, but she begs him to speak out since she is now mute.

He then queries Armaan as to the cause of his failure to start the vehicle. Armaan claims he is making an effort, but it is not a beginning. Then, he notices the motorcycle. He starts the bike outside.

Aditya mounts the motorcycle while holding Ginni in his arms. With Ginni, Armaan and Aditya arrive at the hospital. Ginni has to be treated immediately, so Aditya hurries the nurses. Aditya is informed by the nurse that he must finish the formalities.

Aditya begs her to attend to Ginni before he finishes the formalities. The nurses object, stating that he must abide by hospital policy. Ginni will start receiving care the moment he finishes the paperwork. He is questioned by the nurse about his identity and his connection to Ginni.

Aditya informs the nurse that Ginni is his wife, recalling his marriage to Armaan and all the days they spent together. Armaan is taken aback. Aditya is instructed to calm down and to take Ginni to the treatment area while he takes care of the remaining paperwork. Aditya brings Ginni to the hospital’s treatment area with the personnel.

Ginni was brought into the examination room. Aditya has a worried expression on his face. When Amber visits his home, she remembers that Ginni was intended to be the one who was shot; if Ginni hadn’t intervened, Aditya may now be in her place. He becomes irate and asks what Rajvant would have heard or done if Aditya had been shot instead.

He then summons his warriors and berates them for their enormous error. Then, he challenges them to atone for their error by murdering Mrs. Randhawa that same night, and he makes a threat to kill his men if they don’t succeed. Aditya observes the medical workers cleaning the blood from Ginni’s face from outside the room.

She is then outfitted in a hospital gown. She is then taken to the operating room by them. Aditya waits outside as they are followed by There, Armaan shows up.

Aditya gripes to Armaan about how Ginni is confusing him and why she has to get the shot on his behalf. Aditya is instructed by Armaan to avoid relating Ginni’s intention to save his life to how he already feels for her. Instead, Armaan says that if Aditya thinks about Ginni’s motivation for making such a drastic move, he would comprehend it. When Ginni’s health became severe, they called their senior best doctor, the doctor said.

Aditya begs the doctor to do everything, but he specifically wants Ginni to be saved. A call from Armaan requires him to depart the area as well. Aditya reflects on his marriage to Ginni while sitting on a chair. He also remembers Ginni’s opinions on family.

Her family is willing to go to any length to protect its members, and it always prioritises its kin. Then he remembered Ginni being shot. He then recalls how Ginni once advised him to pray to God while keeping a clear head so that he would get an answer when he was in a pickle. She also warned him about Sam and did all in her power to keep him out of Sam’s trap.

He becomes depressed and unhappy. After regaining consciousness, Gulraj discovers that Ginni has been brought to the hospital and goes there. She is followed by Dimpy and Shampy. Aditya thinks back on his interactions with Ginni as he stands close to the operating room.

The doctor is in charge of Ginni. They removed the bullet from her body. Gulraj arrives at the medical facility with Shampy and Dimpy. She inquires about Ginni’s health with Aditya.

Aditya informs her that Ginni is receiving medical care. Aditya asks the senior physician about Ginni’s condition as soon as he enters the room. The doctor warns that he won’t offer Ginni any false optimism since she isn’t responding to any of their treatments, and if this keeps happening, they don’t believe they can rescue her. Aditya becomes irate and challenges the physician to take any action, but he just wants them to rescue her.

He also advises contacting the top physicians. The doctor departs after telling him that miracles do occur and that they shouldn’t lose hope. Gulraj Shampy sobs, as does Dimpy. Aditya breaks down, but he urges Armaan to contact the greatest medical professional to cure Ginni.

Armaan agrees and steps aside to make a doctor’s appointment. Supreet becomes aware of Ginni’s situation. She tells Amber the same thing and encourages him not to worry since the police will undoubtedly find the person responsible for all of this. Amber experiences astonishment and anxiety.

Gulraj begs Aditya to rescue her daughter Ginni at the hospital. She requests his guarantee that Ginni won’t suffer any harm. Aditya reassures her and requests that Shampy and Dimpy do so. Aditya becomes anxious as he considers Gulraj’s request to him and watches helplessly.