Channa Mereya 20th Sep Written Update β€” Aditya Is Grief-stricken

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As a result of seeing Ginni’s worsening health, Aditya has a mental and emotional collapse. Later on, he makes a solemn oath that he would suffer severe penance for Ginni’s speedy recovery.


Explore the written update for the up-to-date chapter of the bewitching TV series Channa Mereya printed on Tuesday, 20th September 2022. Aditya Is Grief-stricken is the moniker of the newly published episode number S1 E64.


The episode begins with Gulraj pleading with Aditya to assure her that he would rescue Ginni. Aditya is feeling helpless. Gulraj departs. Aditya observes Ginni’s treatment from outside the door. He looks at Ginni, upset and concerned.

He saw Ginni’s pulse rate was not normal, and the physicians attempted to treat her so that she could return to normal. Ginni is also suffering. Ginni’s destiny, according to Gulraj, is that she is constantly fighting for the sake of others. Today, though, she must choose between death and life. In this scenario, no one from the Singh family has been to check on her.

She goes on to say that Ginni just got married a month ago, yet she made such a big decision that jeopardized her life. Supreet Amber and his brother arrive. Supreet notices Gulraj weeping. She approaches her. She requests that she not weep.

She informs them that they have come to visit Ginni. According to Aditya’s uncle, they raced to the hospital as soon as they learned of Ginni’s condition. Amber questions Armaan about Ginni’s condition and whether she told him anything about the gunman before she passed out. Armaan says no, and the doctors are treating her, but she isn’t getting better. Supreet informs Gulraj that if it weren’t Ginni, it would have been Aditya in her state.

Gulraj requests that Supreet refrains from saying such things. Supreet is telling the truth. Ginni also describes how, as a wife, she kept her vow at her wedding. She went above and above, putting her life in peril, to rescue her husband, Aditya. They are very fortunate to have Ginni as a family member since she demonstrated that family is essential to her and that she would go to any length to rescue her family members.

She also refers to herself as the Singh family’s strong backbone, and they consider themselves fortunate to have her as a family member. Aditya departs as he hears this. Aditya walks up the stairs and takes a seat. He remembers Supreet’s statements about Ginni, as well as Ginni’s words about family being there for them if they are in difficulties. Aditya’s uncle arrives.

They are both sitting on the stairwell. His uncle informs him that Ginni was courageous enough to risk saving his life and that he did the right thing by transporting her to Amritsar’s top hospital to be treated. He then adds Ginni is the one who helped him with so many things, including reconciling his relationship with Akash and saving him from Sam. In exchange, he gave her an expensive necklace as a present or money to repay her favor since everything was business for him. However, Ginni has gone to great lengths today, jeopardizing her life and battling in the hospital.

In exchange, he is unsure if Ginni will be there to accept whatever he will pay or give her. Aditya is taken aback. His uncle says that he wishes Gurkeerat was here to teach him the importance of relationships, which Rajvant and Armaan failed to teach. He also wishes Gurkeerat was present because she would have explained the significance of the husband and wife bond to him. This husband and wife relationship is full of trust and love, which they must guard for the rest of their lives.

Aditya is deafeningly quiet. Aditya’s uncle wishes Ginni a speedy recovery and then departs the scene. Aditya is released from the hospital. He remembers everything that occurred and slams his fist on an adjacent wall. His hand begins to bleed.

Armaan arrives and tells him that Ginni’s health is deteriorating; therefore, the doctor has requested shots, which he will purchase, and advises Aditya not to lose hope before leaving. Aditya ponders why Ginni made such a choice. Why didn’t she let him take the bullet? He would have been content if that occurred. He then notices a few individuals on their way singing praises for God and passing him.

He follows them, remembering Ginni’s prior admonition. A little girl in that group notices Aditya. Aditya comes to a halt as the gang passes the Gurudwara. The young girl goes to Aditya and tells him not to be unhappy and to pray to God to help him receive what he wants before leaving. Aditya is positioned in front of the Gurudwara.

He tells God that he comes here often with his mother, Gurkeerat. He refused to come here after her abrupt death, but he is here now because of Ginni. He also informs God that Ginni is the one who rescued him and taught him the value of relationships. She also taught him that he is furious with himself because he believes he failed to save his mother. He then declares that if anything happens to Ginni, he will never forgive himself and begs God to rescue her before breaking down outside the Gurudwara.

The doctor at the hospital works hard to ensure Ginni’s recovery. Aditya enters the Gurudwara. He informs God that he will stand here on one leg and pray for her recovery until she recovers, at which point he will stop standing on two legs and begin praying to God on one leg. People come and go in there, and after viewing Aditya’s commitment, the priest prays to God and then departs. Aditya has difficulty standing on one leg.

He then becomes unconscious. Ginni awakens in the hospital. Aditya imagines Gurkeerat urging him to wake up and take care of Gurkeerat the following day. When he opens his eyes, he sees Armaan. Armaan informs him that Ginni has regained consciousness and urges him to praise God so that they may see Ginni.

Aditya tries to stand on his own two feet. Armaan assists him. Aditya praises God and exits the Gurudwara with the assistance of Armaan. Armaan forces him to sit near the bench and informs him that he has known him since infancy and is aware of all of his feelings, and he wonders why it took such a difficult atonement to rescue Ginni. He is aware of his remorse in light of Ginni’s condition, but they would all feel bad if that person had any significance in their lives, right?

Aditya observes.