Channa Mereya 23rd Sep Written Update β€” Aditya Reassures Ginni

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Aditya develops a scepticism over the meal Ginni consumed before becoming ill. When some time, he makes the decision to prepare Ginni’s favourite meal and offers her solace after she experiences a nightmare.


Learn the written update for the recent scene of the bewitching TV serial Channa Mereya reported on Friday, 23rd September 2022. Aditya Reassures Ginni is the moniker of the modern episode number S1 E67.


Aditya becomes concerned when he sees Ginni’s condition at the beginning of the episode. He contacts the doctor and informs him that Ginni is having trouble breathing. He then followed the doctor’s instructions and administered her medication. Ginni has it. Aditya advises her to be calm and relaxed.

He then looks at the soup, smells it, and is taken aback. He then eats a spoonful of it and becomes enraged. He then tells Ginni to relax and that he will return. He confronts the chef and yells at him for putting tamarind in it. Supreet notices this.

Shailaja inquires as to what transpired. Aditya describes what occurred. He then informs them that he will cook for Ginni and that no one should give anything to Ginni without his knowledge, and he begs them to go. Supreet is overjoyed, while Shailaja is taken aback. Aditya then begins preparing food for Ginni.

He is pleased with the supper he prepared for her. Ginni later struggles with her clothing. Before entering the room, Aditya asks Armaan about the shooter’s details and urges him to find out as quickly as possible. He then notices Ginni struggling with her clothes. He chastises her for not following the doctor’s recommendation to relax.

He then insists on assisting her and walks behind her. They both pause at first. Aditya then assists Ginni with her gown. They get a bit closer to each other. Later, Aditya and Ginni create a schism between them.

Aditya then takes her to bed and helps her with the remaining items. They both lock their gaze on one other. Aditya tells Ginni to relax and that she may phone him anytime if she needs anything. Ginni is deafeningly quiet. Aditya grins and walks away.

Ginni fixes her gaze on Aditya’s departing back. Later, Aditya and Ginni flee from there. Someone arrives with a pistol and aims it at Aditya. Aditya and Ginni are both stunned. The guy shoots the bullet in the direction of Aditya.

Aditya inadvertently collapses to the ground. Ginni screams Aditya Ji and awakens. Aditya runs up to her and assures her that he is OK, and begs her to relax. Ginni informs Aditya that she witnessed someone shooting him in her dream. Aditya tells her to relax.

Ginni sobs and embraces Aditya. Aditya is taken aback but embraces her back. Ginni expresses her concern for him, fearing he might be injured again. Aditya tells her to relax since he and Armaan are attempting to figure out who the shooter is. Ginni informs him, but they have yet to determine who it is, and she is concerned that the gunman may make him his target.

Aditya promises her that with decent people, the positive things in their dreams will only come true and that he will find out who the shooter is and who is behind it. Ginni advises him to find out as soon as possible. Aditya nods and then puts her to bed. He then caresses her head and thinks to himself that he doesn’t care about him, but Ginni is concerned about his safety, so he will find out who is doing this and why. Aditya and Ginni are resting comfortably on the bed the following day, with Ginni’s head on Aditya’s chest.

Ginni awakens and is astonished and amazed to discover them asleep. She attempts to wake up without waking Aditya, but he awakens and glances at her. Aditya assists her in sitting on the bed. Ginni apologizes to Aditya for sleeping so close to him, explaining that she was in deep slumber due to the medications. Aditya interrupts her speech.

He then informs her that it is best if she sleeps like this so that when she wakes up, she will not have to look for him if she is upset by a dream and needs to see him immediately. He then informs her that he battled to sleep due to dreams as a child, so he understands how she feels. Ginni becomes emotional. Aditya turns away. He then tells Ginni that he will make her dinner.

When he notices Ginni gazing at him, he tells her he would prepare food for her in her dhaba manner, but Ginni tells him she loves the way he cooks, so anything he cooks for her is great with her. Aditya then asks her what she is waiting for. Ginni claims that she used to do both before eating. Ginni scolds Aditya and throws a pillow at him after he laughs about helping her. Aditya assures her he’s just joking and walks out of the room.

Ginni thinks Aditya looks so lovely when he performs like this. The chef informs Aditya that the doctor has arrived for Ginni’s treatment. Aditya requests that the doctor go to Ginni’s room and begin her therapy, which the doctor does. Ginni tries to follow the doctor’s recommendations but is unsuccessful. She is also injured while attempting to follow the doctor’s recommendations.

Aditya arrives with food in his hand. He becomes enraged at the doctor for injuring Ginni and orders her to leave. When he notices Ginni beaming at him, he inquires as to why. Ginni informs him that she used to be the target of his rage but that he scolded someone for her today, which made her happy. Aditya approaches Ginni and clasps her hand in his.

He carefully raises his hand to lift it. Ginni extends her hand. Aditya and Ginni had locked gazes. Ginni tells Aditya that her father took care of her when she was a youngster, and his care for her today reminds him of him. Aditya gives her a kind grin. He then gets a phone call. He tells Ginni to get some lunch and that he will return shortly before leaving. Ginni observes.