Gayatri lets Vivek keep Zoon at home โ€” Channa Mereya 26th Sep Written Update

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Amber is overcome with dread as Aditya and Ginni get vital information on the perpetrator of the shooting. Later on, Aditya shows his affection for Ginni by preparing a Chinese meal for her.


Enjoy the written update for the newly released chapter of the bewitching TV broadcast Channa Mereya pronounced on Monday, 26th September 2022. Gayatri lets Vivek keep Zoon at home is the label of the present day’s episode number S1 E69.


The episode begins with Indu traveling to see Zoon. She tears up when she sees Zoon and embraces and loves her. The Rainas get emotional. Indu inquires about Zoon’s well-being and where she has gone.

Zoon approaches Indu and asks if she may ask her a question. Indu urges her to do so. Zoon asks Indu whether she is suffering just because of her presence and blames herself for being a horrible person. Along with the Rainas, Indu is astonished.

Indu tells her that she is not an awful person and the most okay daughter in the world. Zoon rejects, stating that she is aware that she is a horrible person and that it is only because of her that she went to the police station, was locked up, and went through a lot that she has decided to leave her to find happiness. She also claims that she is a nasty person, which is why her mother abandoned her after she was born. Indu sobs and inquires as to what she is saying.

Who told her such nonsense? She then informs Zoon that her life had no significance before she came into her life. She, on the other hand, has no reason to live. But as Zoon clutched her dupatta with her tiny finger, her life took on a new meaning.

She begs Zoon not to listen to anybody who tells her that they are not mother and daughter, that she is not the cause of her pain, and that she loves her very much if she had not entered her life. Raina becomes upset after hearing Indu’s remarks. Zoon adopts Indu’s advice and resolves to listen to no one. Gayatri is watching from the corner of the room.

Indu informs Zoon that they may now return to their home. Zoon agrees, but when she meets Gayatri, she informs Indu that she does not want to accompany Gayatri. Indu stops Indu from speaking and apologizes to her for their irresponsibility. She then tells Indu that she won’t be allowed to take Zoon with her until this all ends.

She also said that instead of transporting her to the CAA facility, they would place her in foster care for her mental and physical health. She adds that they can’t send Zoon home with her birth parents or the person who wants to adopt her. Vivek expresses an interest in hosting Zoon at his home. Gayatri concurs and says they may begin the paperwork.

They have all left the room. Ritesh comes to a halt in front of Indu, holding Zoon in her arms, and is taken aback. He inquires as to what is going on here. Indu gives him a stern look before leaving with Zoon.

Ritesh informs Ritesh that Zoon will remain at Vivek’s place and promises to explain everything to him. Ritesh becomes enraged and accuses the situation of being unjust. The Rainas make their way into their culture. Anjali informs them that Navratri will begin the next day.

Indu proposes they seek Mata Rani’s blessings, which the latter agrees to. They all proceed to the location of the puja. They welcome the new members of their society. Asha brings Zoon with her to drop her off at Vivek’s residence.

Indu makes a prayer to God. She claims that Mata Rani knows everything and asks for her assistance in obtaining Zoon’s custody. Vivek arrives and asks Indu what she is doing. Indu initially praises Vivek for consenting to keep Zoon in the home with him.

She then informs society and the legal terms that they do not comprehend her and Zoon’s relationship; therefore, she will fight for it legally and change the system while looking on. Kaamna informs Ritesh that Gayatri’s agreement to allow Zoon to remain at Vivek’s residence is unjust. She also behaves and apologizes to Ritesh for abandoning Zoon to care for Shakuntala. Ritesh assures her that she made no mistakes and requests that Rahul contacts Jatin.

Kaamna says it’s late at night and begs to phone Jatin the following day, assuring Ritesh that they’ll find a solution. Ritesh storms out of the establishment. Kaamna grins. Sameer phones Kadambari and annoys her by informing her that Zoon is staying at Indu’s buddy Vivek’s place.

She will remain there for the time being. Kadambari is ready to admit that Zoon is her daughter when she realizes what she is about to say and stops herself. Sameer informs her that he knows the truth and that he would not condemn her for her history, and he begs her to contact him if she needs his assistance before cutting the conversation. Kadambari is taken aback.

Later, Indu confronts Zoon about his lack of food. She then forces her to eat the sandwich. The first day of Navratri puja begins the next day. The aarti is performed by both the Raina and Malhotra families.

Indu begs God always to make Zoon happy. Ritesh begs God to help him bring all of Zoon’s wishes true. Zoon grins as she prays to God to fulfill all of Indu and Ritesh’s requests.