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Enjoy the written update for the recent episode of the impressive TV drama Channa Mereya delivered on Wednesday, 13 July 2022 on Star Bharat. Aditya, Ambar’s Conflict is the designation of the most recently released episode number S1 E7.


After being compelled to wed due of a business arrangement, Aditya becomes enraged. Ginni intervenes to prevent an accident for Aditya when Ambar and he argue.


Chimas is informed by Amber that although you came here to see Gurleen, Adi’s proposal is being made to Farnaz. Chima says we’ll have to wait and see, but Adi has impressed us. From there, the chimas leave. Adi informs Amber that she is not a product that you offered to someone else.

This marriage will not take place since I am not interested. Darji reprimands Amber for not consulting him first before making any announcements. Amber claims that if we develop a relationship with Chimas, our business will succeed. At least one thing will make this Adi useful.

According to Adi, I’m not a pawn for you to play with. Amber claims that if my name is not associated with you, then you are a loser. Remove my family name if you have the courage, and then check your status afterward. Darji declares that enough is enough because he is my grandchild and has the same rights as the rest of us.

Amber claims that you are aware that I put in a lot of effort to expand this company, not for him to act rudely toward me. He must respect Supreet because she is his mother. This woman is not my mother, according to Adi. Darji requests that they stop.

According to Amber, he is really rude. Adi is informed by him that her mother passed away and she is no longer welcome. Because Supreet is my wife, you must show her respect. Respect is earned, not demanded, according to Adi.

You’re mentioning my last name, so I’ll just say that I’m Sardarni Gurkirat Kaur’s son. He then departs from it. Amber observes. Adi arrives at a hidden boxing gym.

He remembers his father’s derogatory remarks. Adi observes as a combatant beats everyone. Ginni is crying by herself and gazing at her dhaba as she remembers her father telling her that the establishment was his dream and Adi then proposing to buy it. Why did you leave me, father?

She sobs. I am currently by myself. Adi enters the ring and orders the opponent to beat him till he is unable to stand. The brawl begins, and Adi is viciously beaten.

The fighter continues to beat Adi despite his attempts to stand up. Adi stumbles and keeps thinking about Amber’s advice. He stands up and punches the opponent; as a result, the fight is won by Adi. They all applauded him.

From then on, Adi departs. Ginni begins to consume sweets in an effort to relax. When Gulabo arrives, he informs the staff, “I’m going home; you can lock the dhaba. ” Thereafter, she departs.

Ginni sobs in silence. Adi is hurt and is pacing the street. Locking up the dhaba is Ginni. Adi is going to be struck by a truck as she walks in the centre of the road.

After spotting it, Ginni yanks him away. He was timely saved by her. Due to her nausea, Adi passes out. What should we do, she asks as she tries to wake him up?

She snatches him and leads him into the dhaba. She knocks him on the ground and remarks that he must have picked the wrong fight because he is seriously hurt. He lies in her arms after receiving water from her. Ginni withdraws out of shyness. She begins treating his injuries.