Ginni’s Face-off against Aditya β€” Channa Mereya | 15 Jul | Written Update

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Enjoy the written update for the sweet section of the enjoyable TV serial Channa Mereya brought on Friday, 15 July 2022 on Star Bharat. Ginni’s Face-off against Aditya is the designation of another episode number S1 E9.


Aditya visits Ginni’s Dhaba where they compete and make fun of each other’s culinary abilities. Goldy stumbles into Aditya’s trap there.


Ginni converses with the producer and offers him a sample of her dish. She requests that you send it to Soniya because she would no doubt enjoy it. He gives the OK. Darji informs Soniya that only you are aware of my sin.

Before I depart from this earth, I shall atone for my wrongdoing. So what are you waiting for, asks Soniya? Goldie converses with his pal Pasha. He must visit Simran, according to Pasha.

How will I go to Canada, asks Goldie? Pasha grinned and said, “I’ll help you. ” After saying thank you, Goldie returns to Ginni. Ginni advises Soniya to wait here while I return to the dhaba.

On the bicycle are Adi and Farnaz. Farnaz says he would take you to a restaurant first because he promised to show you around. Adi watches as she tightly embraces him. Ginni visits the dhaba once more.

All the drivers, according to Gulabo, are waiting for your parathas. Cooking begins for Ginni. There, Farnaz transports Adi. Adi glares at Ginni and thinks back to her offensive remarks.

“Let’s go somewhere else,” he says. Let’s enter since Farnaz claims this dhaba serves the tastiest meals. I am familiar with their entire menu; you did bring lunch yesterday, correct? Adi observes.

As Ginni welcomes Farnaz, she notices Adi standing behind her. You’re with him, she replies, as she gives him a sneer. Yes, says Farnaz. They both took seats.

Ginni presents Adi with a menu card. After completing your assignment, Goldie decided to travel to Canada. Adi calls Pasha and informs her. I was aware that money can buy anyone, “claims Adi.

He hangs up the phone. I’m not sure about the cheese here, Adi says. Don’t contest our poster because Ginni swears it’s the greatest. Adi deems my paella to be the best.

Then why didn’t you win the competition, Ginni asks? You wouldn’t approach me and stand there. Adi, are you serious? Do you believe you can prepare paneer?

Let’s just continue from here, Farnaz says. Who is this guy to confront Ginni, the driver asks? Adi responds, “Okay, I’ll cook, then let’s see. ” Ginni claims that if I prepare the same meal and triumph, Adi won’t go near the dhaba once more.

Adi accepts the challenge but warns that you will also lose this dhaba if you lose. The dhaba’s kitchen is where Adi and Ginni begin to prepare meals. To the drivers who will serve as the judges, Ginni and Adi will bring their food offerings. They examine and taste their meal.

The driver exclaims how delicious Adi’s cuisine is. They sample Ginni’s meal and comment that it is warm and kind. The driver suggested that you two cook together, but I decided that there was no clear winner. But my food has a soul, Ginni remarks.

Adi deems my food to be flawless. They are asked to sample each other’s food by Farnaz. They observe while tasting it. Adi enjoys Ginni’s cooking and is taken aback. Ginni enjoys his meal as well. They exchanged angry looks. From then on, Adi departs. Ginni is examining her bank accounts and cash.

Gulabo claims that despite our best efforts, we are still short by 1. 5 lacs. Ginni claims that we must additionally pay the children’s tuition. The children return from school. Dimpy sobs and claims that they expelled us from the school because we had unpaid tuition. Ginni observes. There, Goldie shows up. Ginni claims that I provided you with the children’s fees; where are they?

According to Goldie, I had to pay a seller in cash. I also have to travel to Canada. What does Ginni say? You seem to be spending money again. No, replies Goldie, that was just a dream. I concur with you. He then departs from it. Ginni observes and thinks back to Adi’s remarks. She says I must arrange for payment, but how? I need God’s assistance.