Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein (GHKKPM) 13th September 2022 Written Update β€” Harinee Makes Bhavani Angry

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As soon as Harinee arrives in the Chavan home, Bhavani’s patience begins to wear thin due to her disruptive behavior. In another part of the story, Savi heals Virat’s injury in her home after taking him there.


Let’s enjoy the written update for the latest episode of the pleasurable show Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein (GHKKPM) provided on Tuesday, 13th September 2022. Harinee Makes Bhavani Angry is the pseudonym of the ahead-of-the-game episode number S1 E610.


Chavans are making special meals to welcome Harini, the daughter of Devyani and Pulkit, as the episode opens. They eagerly welcome her to their home as Pulkit arrives before his daughter and greets the whole family. Virat fights Gulabrao and his thugs in the meanwhile. Gulabrao criticizes Sai and her character, which incenses the latter.

Virat stands up for the dignity of the latest and issues Gulabrao a warning. Additionally, he asks the latter to avoid Sai and declares that if the latter bothers Sai once more, he won’t leave him. Sai is surprised to witness the fight at this point and attempts to stop Virat. She notices that he is hurt and becomes worried, but he insists that he only prevents himself from correcting Gulabrao.

The latter begins by describing his abilities and threats against Virat, but he doesn’t cower and maintains his stance. As soon as he had the chance, Gulabrao hurries out with his thugs. He also makes a death threat on Virat for assaulting him before leaving. Virat would leave them behind when Sai stopped him and told him she could take care of her affairs.

Virat responds that he would do it for anybody when she asks him not to become entangled in her problems. Savi congratulates Virat elsewhere on defeating Gulabrao. She displays her delight during the battle before becoming concerned about Virat when she notices his damaged face. As they return home, Sai attempts to help Virat, but he prevents her.

Savi arrives at that moment and cleans Virat’s apartment on her own. While Sai reassures him and offers him the chance to live with them permanently, Vinayak also expresses his worry about Virat. While Harini arrives and begins misbehaving around the family, Chavans get eager to welcome her. She rushes beside Bhavani, who becomes enraged and demands an apology from her.

She refuses, pointing out Bhavani’s error instead. Pakhi steps forward to help Harini see her error, but she refuses to listen to anybody and seems lost in her world. Harini pleads with her father to let her remain at the hostel, but she is unsuccessful. Bhavani asks Pulkit to leave Harini in their home and declares that she does not need to be there.

If Devyani hadn’t gone to receive her treatment, everyone would have been together, according to Pulkit, who informed Abki Devyani that she was in the hospital. Chavans misses Devyani, while Harini is annoyed by Chavans’ dated appearance. She begs for their respect and says she won’t adhere to all of their conventions. At that moment, a lighter drops from her mouth, shocking everyone.

Harini resists Karishmai’s hasty attempt to throw it away, claiming that smoking is highly prevalent among people her age. Chavans tries to convince her of the risks associated with smoking but is unsuccessful. Additionally, Savi tends to Virat’s injuries as Sai becomes irritated by the latter’s conversation with Pakhi. When Vinayak informs her about Virat’s injuries, she expresses concern and fear for the latter.

Sai is kept a secret from them, and Virat reassures her that he is OK. Usha confronts Sai about her emotions for Virat in the meanwhile, but the latter refuses to acknowledge them.