Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein (GHKPM) 20th Sep Written Update β€” Virat Is Traumatised

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Pakhi continues to press Sai for information on Jagthap, but Sai continues to refuse to provide it. However, Virat is very concerned about Sai’s growing proximity to a dangerous criminal such as Jagthap.


Let us explore the written update for the revolutionary episode of the pleasant television broadcast Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein (GHKPM) produced on Tuesday, 20th September 2022. Virat Is Traumatised is the pseudonym of the trend-setting episode number S1 E616.


The first scene of the episode features Virat in a painful situation as he is unconscious. On the other hand, Mohit is taking care of him and becomes upset when he sees his condition. Sai inquires about Pakhi’s whereabouts and tries to learn more about her connection with Jagtap. She also asks Sai why she has kept a secret from them for so many years.

Sai responds by telling Pakhi that she does not want to answer any of her questions and by requesting that Pakhi not meddle in her personal life in any way. Since Sai claims that she did not inquire about Pakhi and Virat’s marital status or the presence of a kid, she believes that they should keep their distance from her. Sai informs Pakhi that she is prepared to answer all of his questions, to which Sai responds by ignoring her and walking away from the conversation. This is when Sai makes it clear that she has no interest in learning anything about Virat or Pakhi.

During this time, Savi arrives at the location in question and asks Sai to go up so that the therapy session for Vinayak may begin. While Pakhi is having a conversation with Chavans regarding Virat’s health, she ascends the stairs. Virat is no longer in any immediate danger, according to Pakhi, and will be back to normal shortly. She expresses her fear, but Chavans reassures her that there is no need to be concerned.

Ashwini breaks down into tears after learning about her kid, and everyone else prays for Virat’s swift recovery. Virat’s father tries to comfort them by assuring them that Savi’s mother is providing excellent care for Virat. Ashwini and the others have expressed their gratitude to the latter for the care that was provided to Virat. Sai keeps the fact that Sai is still alive a secret from the Chavans in other places.

Mohit arrives at that location at that moment, and he queries the individual about why they are keeping information about Sai from their family. He was ready to contact them and inform them that Sai is alive, but Pakhi stops him and tells him that she needs to hear about Sai’s reason for leaving them before she would consider any further measures. He was about to make the call and tell them about Sai’s survival when Pakhi stopped him. She succeeds in convincing Mohit to support her proposition.

While Pakhi makes her way upstairs, Sai will continue working on Vinayak’s PT session. While he moans about the discomfort, she reassures him that it won’t be long until he feels better. Savi engages in conversation with Pakhi and inquires about the identity of her father, to which the latter responds that she is unsure of his name. Savi reveals that her father has spoken with her through a message and will be returning to the house shortly.

Pakhi has compassion for Savi and demonstrates that compassion by showing that she cares for her. Pakhi is going to tell Savi that she is going to tell Vinayak that he wants to be a good police officer like her, but that Vinayak wants to be a good doctor like Sai. After that, Pakhi sings Virat’s praises in front of Savi. In the meantime, Bhavani prevents Harini from attending the birthday celebration at an inappropriate hour.

Shivani makes an effort to maintain control of the situation while the latter grows defiant and enraged as a result of her actions. Shivani requests that the Chavans concentrate their attention, above all else, on Virat and the state of his health. Sonali mentions Pakhi’s forthcoming birthday and suggests that they organise a surprise for her. Pakhi’s birthday is coming up soon.

Shivani is opposed to the concept, but Bhavani is in favour of it and argues that the latter has been through a lot and deserves a surprise for herself where she may enjoy the day without being bothered in any way. Shivani is against the concept. Virat eventually comes to and remembers the occasion when Sai was with Jagtap. He aims the rifle towards the latter and fires at him, but it turns out that the whole thing was all a dream.

He makes an effort to calm him down and becomes concerned when he sees that he is bleeding. While Sai is treating Virat, she makes a call to Sai, who then asks her to leave the room and continues to treat Virat. The latter party then asks her about her connection with Jagtap, to which she responds by reprimanding him and pleading with him not to go beyond his boundaries. She makes it clear that she regards him in the same capacity as any other patient.