Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein (GHKPM) 23rd Sep Written Update β€” Virat Leaves Sai

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When Virat refuses to be treated and instead departs with Pakhi, Sai’s frustration levels rise. Savi and Vinayak are also upset since they did not get the opportunity to say their farewells.


Learn the written update for the current sequence of the readable telecast Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein (GHKPM) reported on Friday, 23rd September 2022. Virat Leaves Sai is the headline of the freshest episode number S1 E619.


The episode begins with Virat making the option to come home right away. Mohit and Pakhi try to persuade him that he isn’t fit to go, but he is keen on leaving Kankauli. They eventually agree with his choice and attempt to calm him down. He compliments Pakhi on her composure, but Sai overhears their chat and is wounded. Virat departs to inspect the automobile, while Pakhi observes Sai and approaches her for a talk.

She comes to him and expresses her thanks for treating Virat and Vinayak, to which he responds that she is their doctor and just performed her job. Pakhi attempts to communicate to Sai about her life here, and the last piece advises her not to take Virat back to Nagpur in such a delicate condition. She declares that he needs rest and will be unable to travel for an extended period while wounded. Pakhi worries about Virat, who arrives and listens to Sai’s advice. Virat becomes enraged at Sai and orders her not to meddle in his life.

He proclaims that he does not want to be around her for even a second longer and stares at her. Hearing his terrible comments, she breaks down in tears while Pakhi attempts to stop Virat. He grabs Pakhi’s hand and tugs her away from there, driving her to the vehicle. Vinayak says he wants to wait for Savi since he has to see her before going, but Virat forbids him and declares that it is preferable to avoid her. Vinayak becomes depressed as Virat gets into his vehicle with his family and drives away.

Savi, on the other hand, arrives on her own. Sai is taken aback when he sees Savi and becomes worried about her. She chastises the latter for walking alone from their residence to the police station, responding that she wants to see Virat and Vinayak. Sai severely cautions her daughter to avoid Vinayak and his family and tell them they have already departed. Ahead, Savi becomes depressed and begins sobbing, expressing her desire to see Vinayak.

She intends to phone him, but Sai forbids her and asks her to return to their home. Usha comforts Sai and feels sorry for her situation. She comforts Sai as he last sobs at Virat’s actions. Meanwhile, Vinayak continues to mention Sai, but Virat cautions him not to use their name again. Virat’s vehicle comes to a halt, and he finds a note on a tree concerning Savi’s father, asking when he will arrive.

He feels sorry for the child and returns to the Chavans’ home. They greet them enthusiastically, but Shivani observes Virat seems melancholy and inquires about it, but Sonali responds that he must be exhausted. He welcomes his family and Harini. In the meanwhile, they want to celebrate Pakhi’s birthday. Virat then enters his room and remembers seeing Sai.

Pakhi worries about him and orders him to stop slamming his hand against the cabinet. She attempts to soothe him as he begins to act strangely. He continues to blabber about Vinayak, causing Pakhi to cry and imploring Virat to remain quiet. She also advises him not to inform Chavans about Sai, but he refuses. On the other hand, Sai is broken up when she sees her daughter sobbing for Vinayak.