Sai Warns Jagthap β€” Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein | 31 Aug

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Check out the written update for the latest sequence of the pretty TV drama Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein ventilated on Wednesday, 31 August 2022 on StarPlus. Sai Warns Jagthap is the subtitle of the most modern episode number S1 E599.


Sai sees Jagthap threatening Gulab Rao and warns him against protecting Sai and Savi. Later, Bhavani makes a shocking suggestion to Virat and Pakhi.


The MLA and his thugs are warned by Jagtap to keep away from Sai and Savi. MLA makes fun of the fact that he is concerned about Savi’s mother or uncle. For the time being, Jagtap promises to explain his relationship to Savi, but for the time being he doesn’t want MLA to bother them. An MLA claims he is unaware of a politician’s influence.

Jagtap cautions that his father has 100 MLAs in his pocket and that if an MLA persists, he will be tackled. An MLA storms out in a rage. Watching them is Sai. Karishma and Pakhi are busy cooking at Chavan Nivas when Karishma receives a call and seems tense.

She is advised to pick up her call by Pakhi. Karishma adjourns. When Pakhi comes, Ashwini wonders what transpired between him and Virat during the puja. Pakhi claims that their relationship is going well.

Virat believes he is to blame for Sai and Vinayak’s deaths, according to Ashwini, who claims to be Virat’s mother and to know him well. Even Pakhi agrees, claiming that Virat takes great care of her and gave her medication last night. According to Ashwini, there is a distinction between love and care; she saw Virat and Pakhi’s beds being apart since their hearts weren’t still attached. Pakhi considers herself fortunate to know Ashwini, Bhavani, Ninad, Virat, and Vinayak.

In her opinion, Ashwini needs love in her life. Sai approaches Jagtap and inquires as to what the MLA and his men were doing. Jagtap claims he was only conversing. Sai returns the items he provided to Savi and issues a warning to him not to meddle in the lives of her and her daughter.

Vinayak is given modak by Bhavani, who urges him not to tell his parents that he was given modak before eating. She then brings him to the dining hall, where she eats with her family. Pakhi brings him some food. Vinayak claims he doesn’t want it.

Bhavani motions for him to maintain their privacy. Vinayak requests something similar to what he had at Savi’s place. He asks who this Savi is that he has been referring to since his release from camp. Virat claims that without this diet, he would get feeble.

Vinayak will be fed today, he claims. According to Vinayak, it would have been better if Savi had been his sister and had lived in his home so that they could play and eat together. Bhavani informs Virat and Pakhi that Vinayak wants a sibling and encourages them to prepare for a kid. Virat seemed anxious.

Sai is told a bedtime tale by Savi and Vinayak. She makes a call to Vinayak. Savi hasn’t called Virat at all, according to Vinayak. Virat thinks maybe she didn’t read his message yet.

Using Usha’s phone, Savi makes a call to Vinayak. Vinayak calls Virat from an unknown number, and Virat wonders who it is. Vinayak accepts the video call and is pleased to meet Savi. Next, Sai addresses Vinayak before stepping aside.

Her sari pallu catches Virat’s eye. Calls are dropped due to network problems. Savi and Vinayak are depressed. Sai can mend anything, so Savi asks her to fix a cellphone signal.

Sai states she has no control over it and offers to contact Vinayak at any point in the future.