Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 5th September 2022 Written Update β€” Sai Conquers the Impossible

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Let’s enjoy the written update for the most recently released section of the fine TV show Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein printed on Monday, 5th September 2022. Sai Conquers the Impossible is the moniker of the ahead-of-the-game episode number S1 E603.


Sai suffers the consequences of the villagers’ anger and is prevented from seeing Gayatri as a result. But she manages to push her way in and rescues both the mother and the infant from a potentially fatal situation.


The first scene of the episode shows Gulabrao and his soldiers getting ready to discipline Sai. The latter smirks as he considers his ruse and declares that Sai will be held accountable for her error. When he thinks back on how she mistreated him, he becomes enraged and says he won’t leave her. Additionally, one of his minions promises that his scheme will be successful before leaving.

In the meantime, Sai arrives at Gayatri’s home in the meanwhile after learning about her difficult birth. To assist the latter, she tries to enter the home, but her husband Haria forbids her. Here, Haria and other thugs oppose Sai and prevent her from seeing Gayatri. She asserts that Gayatri needs her or else she won’t be able to make it, while the other declares that he doesn’t want Sai anywhere near his wife or kid.

She asks him to understand, but he doesn’t seem to think she’s telling the truth. Sai becomes irate and begins fighting the thugs. She decides to go inside after taking a stance for Gayatri. A woman then appears and informs the guys that Gayatri and the baby’s status is urgent as she issues a warning to the men.

When she sees Sai, she becomes enraged and begs Haria not to send her inside. Sai finds the strength to speak out against them elsewhere. A guy explains to Haria that Sai is prepared to bear responsibility in the event of a mishap and begs him to let her in. Sai becomes concerned when he sees the situation and ultimately gets Haria to agree to a condition.

The problems cause her to get anxious. Gulabrao learns that Sai has assumed full responsibility and is working to protect Gayatri and the unborn child. Additionally, he finds out that his prospects in life are quite slim and that the case is convoluted. He smirks as he considers humiliating Sai and ejecting her from the building if she fails to rescue Gayatri.

The latter, however, remembers her delivery day and how she dealt with all the difficulties and discomforts. Sai motions for Gayatri to expel the baby. She continues to inspire them and declares that they need a hospital to handle such situations nearby. Sai is delighted when she finally succeeds in giving birth to the child.

In contrast, Virat and Pakhi let the Chavans know about their meeting with Savi and her mother to discuss Vinayak’s care. Vinayak is eager to see Savi, and Bhavani inquires about Virat and Pakhi’s vacation. Pakhi responds that she is free to join the trip whenever she wants and declares that Vinayak is her first priority. Hearing about it makes everyone happy, and Virat strikes up a discussion with Pakhi while giving her ice cream.

Spending time together is enjoyable for them. Vinayak also informs Savi of his arrival and expresses his eagerness to see her. Then, Pakhi advises them to make an appointment with Savi’s mother, who then invites them to come whenever they want. While speaking to Savi, Pakhi chuckles and savours her cuteness.

However, when Savi hands the phone to Usha, Pakhi and the latter feel at ease speaking to one another.